Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is Bill Clinton's New Diet For You?

August 25, 2011...
"The former president, known for his love of burgers,
barbecue and junk food, has gone from a meat lover to
a vegan, the strictest form of a vegetarian diet. He says
he eats fruits, vegetables and beans, but no red meat,
chicken or dairy." See here.
Clinton's regime is exactly the opposite of my diet.
I eat nearly all fish, chicken, red meats and dairy (cheeses, kefir, yogurt and goat milk). And I have almost no fruits or beans.

I got it from my old friend, nutritionist and Harvard Ed.D. Dr. Heidi

I have lived by her eating principles for 15 years.
I'm over 55, super-fit and in awesome health. Plus I wear the
same size pants as I did in college. I run up a mountain 5 days a week - 4 mile round trip.

Can Clinton's diet and my diet both be "right"?

(Professor Heidi teaches both sets of eating principles to future
nutritionists at a university near Berkeley, CA.)

Dr Heidi told me,
"I agree with Clinton shunning those foods," she says.
"I'd never never eat red meats, dairy, fish or chicken
from the usual industrial food sources."
The fish she recommends is wild, not farmed. My dairy is raw,
not pasteurized. (If you want it you can find it. Legal, too.) My fish
and meats all come from local farmers. 100% grass-fed beef.
I eat nothing from the big bad industrial feed lots (which is
what supermarkets offer).

So, readers, there IS a step in-between total abstinence and
bad health if you love those foods like I do: Get the clean ones. Never
ever eat the industrialized stuff.

P.S. In a neat twiest, Dr. Heidi's a vegan part of the year, too. When she does her ER juice fasting cycle. Some folks call that her Detox cycle.