Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three Secrets that Most People Will Never Know about Dieting

Most experienced dieters are flabbergasted when they hear these well kept secrets - unexpected things that hinder weight loss no matter how hard you try.

These are from a forthcoming book by my very dear friend, Dr. Heidi Dulay.
  • Secret #1. Industrial burgers are fattening. Grassfed ones are slimming. (Both with no bun, of course.) Yes, a low carb diet works quickest for fat burn and weight loss, for most people. However, the wrong kinds of meats hinder weight loss in the long run. Industrial burgers have too much of the wrong kind of fat, and up to 5 times more total fat than grassfed ones. They contain antibiotics, hormones, and even harmful bacteria that upset our metabolism. While grassfed ones have lots of the good fats (omega 3s) and a ton of health giving vitamins and minerals.
  • Secret #2. A balanced diet keeps you fat. If you thought a balanced diet seems like the best way to lose weight you're not alone. 160 of the 225 folks taking our survey last week - 72% - said TRUE to question 9: Eat a balanced diet to lose. But it is not so. See here.
  • Secret #3. Fruits, veggies and grains may block the weight loss trigger. Granted fruits are better than eating sweets like ice cream and cakes. Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. But they're not necessary for weight loss. They block the fat burning mechanism for most folks. But that's not all...See half way down here.
These are just some of the findings in the new book being written by Dr. Heidi - a nutrition professor at a university in Berkeley CA, and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Harvard University.
Her live fat burn programs are based on not only 150 years of research findings (like Gary Taubes' 600 page book), but her own years of experimenting and tinkering with programs for her active weight loss clientele. Finally last year she put some of the missing pieces together, and I urged her to offer her new Extreme Regime Fat Burn program to my readers.
Since last July, some 60+ folks - mostly professional yo-yo dieters - went through the program. Because it was so successful and so different, her ER Fat Burn Formula has built up a major buzz in an industry known for its failure.

Not only did folks lose significant weight, but many of their aging symptoms disappeared. Including chronic diarrhea, acid reflux, high blood pressure (no more need for medication for some), insomnia, hot flashes, and sexual decline.
Look around. How come most folks are still overweight if the current diet programs and recommendations are so great? If almost no one can do them, what good are they? How about doing something you CAN do?
If you don't do this, how much will you weigh in a year? Or two or three years? Dr. Heidi's next Fat Burn cycle starts this SATURDAY. There is still time to start working on that new bod.
What is more important than your looks, your health and your energy?
You owe it to yourself and to those who love you to do something. Check it out right here. We're waiting for ya.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Warning: These meats are fattening.

This post is part of a new book being written by Dr. Heidi Dulay who created the Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula. The five week fat burn program opens this Monday, Jan 26. Go here to get the priority notification.

Dear reader: Below is part 2 of the 'controversial findings' related to the ad I tested recently. (Part 1 of that report is here. Diet Warning: Big FAT surprise #1)

Part 2.

Most folks think meat is good if you want to lose weight. (90% - 208 - of 228 respondents said so on our recent survey.)

But alas...

Big Fat Surprise #3:
Most meat is fattening.
Meats are not created equal.
Nor are chickens, turkeys, fish, eggs and dairy.

We compare two burgers: An industrial burger and a grassfed burger.

They may look the same, but one is fattening and the other is reducing. Yes, assume you are eating either one WITHOUT the BUN.
An industrial burger is fattening.
Its grassfed counterpart is reducing.
Here's why the industrial burger is fattening. It has:
  • An abnormal amount of total and saturated fat: 4 to 6 times more total fat and twice as much saturated fat as grassfed.
  • Hardly any omega 3 fats – the type of fat that burns fat, like salmon has. Omega 3 naturally present in cow fat plummets in the feedlot – the longer the cow is in the feedlot, the lower the omega 3 content.
  • Excessive amounts of omega 6 fats – the fats found in corn oil that are correlated with obesity and diabetes.
  • High level of toxins: growth hormone, antibiotics, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. (Toxins are fattening. See Fat Surprise #4, coming soon.)
  • In industrial feedlots cows sleep in deep piles of manure – a source of bacteria that may end up in our hamburgers. They are fed synthetic nitrogen, chicken litter, blood and fat products of other slaughtered cattle, along with as much corn as they can stand. Cows naturally eat grass, not corn. Corn messes up their digestive systems, causing all kinds of disease requiring antibiotics and other medication – which end up in our steaks and burgers. "A growing body of research suggests that many problems associated with eating beef are really problems with corn-fed beef ." (Pollan 2008, p.75)
On the other hand, grassfed meats come from cows that eat grass – food they’re made to eat and digest. They stay healthy, and develop ideal amounts of total fats and the essential omega 3 and 6 fats. Grassfed meats are a boon to folks who don’t like fish, because they provide the omega 3s that we prize in fish.
There are similar differences in the weight loss effects of industrial versus pastured chickens and turkeys, and farmed versus wild fish. I often tell my students that when they eat farmed fish, they might as well be eating a feedlot cow.
Other products from grassfed and industrial animals are also wildly different in the nutrition they offer.
Milk, butter and cream from grassfed cows can help burn fat and build muscle. They contain CLA, a type of fat that causes that to happen. (see Tom, 1977 in Robinson, p 20). Grassfed milk has 5 times more CLA than industrial milk.
Bottom line, meat lovers; meat shunners.
Industrial animal farming has spawned an industrial food syndrome epidemic – folks who are obese, diabetic, and prone to heart disease, cancer, asthma and arthritis.
The reaction against cruelty to animals and dangers to human health from industrial food has given vegetarianism new life. Even Michael Pollan who started out as an omnivore, advises us on the cover of his newest book:

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”.

But we need not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Instead, we say:

“Eat food, low carb, grassfed and wild.” And of course, eat real fat.

P.S. This post is part of a new book being written by Dr. Heidi Dulay who created the Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula. The five week weight loss program opens Monday, Jan 26. Go here to get priority notification.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Diet Warning: Big FAT surprise #1

This post is for someone who's still overweight and who's pondering the next diet. I have something for you to consider.

I'll assume that you are health-conscious - you do not eat at McDonald's regularly, and know that pizza, chips, sodas and candy are fattening.
Plus you may have a hard time fitting in exercise. If that's you...

"Warning: Do not attempt another
diet until you read
this controversial report."

When I tested that ad here, folks
asked: what controversial findings?! Here goes...

Big Fat Surprise #1: A balanced diet keeps you fat.
If you thought a balanced diet seems like the best way to lose weight you're not alone. 160 of the 225 folks taking our survey last week - 72% - said TRUE to question 9: Eat a balanced diet to lose.

But it's not so. Not for most people, anyway. Quick definition of a balanced diet:
According to the latest U.S. government Pyramid, balanced diets include 5 food groups:
1) grains
2) vegetables
3) fruits
4) milk and dairy products
5) meat, beans, fish and nuts
Plus fats and oils.
But if you eat all these things each day, that may explain why you are not losing.
To trigger the fat burning mechanism, you need an imbalanced diet. For a while. Just like a plane that takes off needs imbalanced power to get off the ground and get airborne - then levels off its jet power after it reaches cruising altitude.
What in a balanced diet is keeping you fat?


Big Fat Surprise #2: Fruits, veggies and grains
may block the weight loss trigger.
Granted fruits are better than eating sweets like ice cream and cakes. Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. But they're not necessary for weight loss. They block the fat burning mechanism for most folks. But that's not all...

Veggies also block the fat burning trigger for most of us. Especially the starchy stuff.

And grains, including brown rice, beans, pasta and breads, all block fat burning.

[Meats, including animal fat, can be good for weight loss - but not all meats are created equal. (The Meat Report, coming tomorrow.)]
Proof of these anti-establishment findings:

(1) Look around. Note the size of many people who say they eat right or do balanced diets;
(2) Clinical studies of the last 150 years, kept hidden (see below);
(3) Readers of this blog who did a new imbalanced weight loss program over last 6 months (see below).

(2) Clinical studies undertaken by physicians with their own patients over the last 150 years show that balanced diets gum up the weight loss mechanism
  • A “balanced” diet – one-third fruits and vegetables, two-thirds animal protein and fat – had a dismal 2% success rate. An imbalanced diet – just meats, eggs, fish, and fowl – had a 50% success rate.
  • The absence of fruits and vegetables in a year-long imbalanced diet showed: NO vitamin deficiencies, NO evidence of kidney damage or diminished function, and NO mineral deficiencies despite the diet containing only ¼ of the calcium usually contained in mixed diets. Gingivitis (inflammation of gums) was cleared up.
  • Most of the 17,000 patients, who did a diet of fatty meat 3 times a day and were allowed only a little raw fruit or a potato, lost 2-3 lbs a week.
  • The patients who ate 700-800 calories of fat in their diet, had no urge for “forbidden” food (sweets, grains).
These are just some of the research results reported by the acclaimed Gary Taubes in his 600-page seminal survey of 150 years of clinical research - starting in 1863. It is persuasive evidence that balanced diets may interfere with weight loss. Fruits, vegetables, brown rice, other grains, and beans, despite their nutritional content, are not good weight loss foods. And their absence, for certain periods of time, does not cause ill health.

(3) Readers of this blog who tried the ER Fat Burn last summer wrote emails like this before they signed up for the program:
“I eat lots of fruits and veggies, and I don’t overeat. But I’ve been carrying these 15-20 lbs for years. What am I doing wrong?”
- Wanda Chin, July 2008

“I’ve done all kinds of diets for years, from Weight Watchers to Atkins. But I’m still fat... and desperate.”
- Carol Raynor, July 2008

“I’ve worked hard to prepare healthy balanced meals for my family for 10 years, but each year I gain more weight. I finally hired a clothing consultant.”
- Susan Stuhr, July 2008

“For 7 years I’ve been drinking two shakes a day and a ton of supplements. They worked for a while, but now I’m heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant...”
- Suzanne, Sep 2008

“I’ve been on low carb for 15 years. I control my blood sugar carefully with insulin. But I’m still 25 pounds shy of what I should weigh. What else is there to do?”
- Al Frech, Sep 2008

“I shop at Whole Foods and even did raw food for two years...”
- Donna McCrossen, Sep 2008
These folks were NOT fast food junkies. They didn’t drink soda pop or diet sodas everyday and were not chocolate or cookie addicts. They were health conscious AND weight conscious... But they kept right on gaining year after year.

So they signed up for the Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula.

Here's what happened...

Wanda: lost her 17 lbs and kept it off.

Carol (Desperate Deb): Lost 34 lbs. Watch her 4 minute vid here.

Suzanne: Despite her low thyroid, lost 10 lbs. Watch her 3 minute vid here

Al (Diabetic Dan): Lost 20 lbs and cut his daily insulin in half. His wife Kathleen also lost 22 lbs. (Watch Al's 4 min vid here

Donna: lost her 10 lbs and kept it off.

And many more...

Nobody was ever hungry.

The January Extreme Regime Fat Burn Formula will be open Monday, Jan 26, starting at NOON PST and 3PM EST.
To get on the priority notification list, click here and sign in. You'll get first dibs.
If you are looking to lose weight and nothing has worked, and if you don't take advantage of this option, how big will you be 12 months from now? Or 3 years from now?

What if the Extreme Regime Fat Burn program is the magic formula for you, like it's been for many other readers here?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Weird new diet wins over hubby in the bedroom...

Desperate Deb had been trying to lose weight for years. But she got more than she expected with a weird new one: Her hubby liked it so much he's now hanging with her in the kitchen too...

4 min vid here

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Suzanne renounces 4 years of guilt, shakes and pills

To play the four min vid, click the left bottom arrow in the vid window. Turn up your audio.