Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Evil marketing?

Get this.

To take advantage of people's worry about the economy, here's what two big industrial food companies are offering. From the Wall St. Journal today (PDF here)

"Food Marketers Cook Up 'Value' Campaigns.
Soups and Cereals Stretch Meal Dollar but Make a Profit

"Food companies hope to capitalize on the slumping economy by steering consumers to cheaper, high-margin products.

"On Monday, Kellogg Co. is beginning a new advertising push for staple cereals such as Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies, while Campbell Soup Co. is about to launch a multimedia campaign to trumpet its condensed soups as a bargain buy. Kraft Foods Inc. has begun advertising its Kool-Aid powdered beverages on national radio for the first time in 11 years.

Campbell and cheese giant Kraft are also teaming up to promote meals of soup and grilled-cheese sandwiches. Kraft's Web site will add recipes for cheap sandwiches and suggest Campbell soups to pair them with.

On Nov. 2, newspapers nationwide will carry coupon inserts pitching Campbell soups and sandwiches made with Kraft Singles cheese as the "wallet-friendly meal your family will love." More here (PDF here)
The pitch? White bread, canned soup, processed cheese and of course, cold cereal.

The family may love it (some are addicted to it), but bodies are crumbling and getting fatter because of it.

White bread and cold cereal (Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, etc) promote blood sugar imbalances like diabetes and hypoglycemia. The carbohydrates in them are anti-nutrients. They rob the body of vitamins and minerals.

Canned soup is filled with toxic ingredients. Processed cheese is a dead milk product with the pesticides, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones that are in industrial milk. "Industrial milk" is pasteurized milk from feedlot dairy cows.

Selling cheap, empty and harmful food to a scared and uneducated populace is evil.

Your take?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our ailments: Are they treating them backwards?

Hear Dr. Heidi below...

Usually, when a person has an ailment, e.g. fatigue, digestive problems, here's what they do to get relief, in this order.
FIRST. Drugs (pharmaceuticals). That's the speeding bullet...But because of side effects, or because some people's bodies cannot take the drugs, they go to 2...

SECOND. Nutraceuticals and synthetic supplements . Those can have good effects, although also with some side effects. Often the effects may not last.

THIRD. Medicinal herbs, whole food supplements.
LAST, if anyone thinks of it at all, is their food. What they put on their plates three or more times per day.

Here's Dr. Heidi's surprising finding with the ER Fat Burn participants. (They came to lose fat and inches, but most folks also had other little ailments, from digestive troubles to mood swings to zip energy and flakey skin.)
"When I begin people with a real food plan, there's really very little more I have to add. Sometimes I add whole food supplements, sometimes I add nutraceuticals and sometimes I say, 'Go to your doctor and get a prescription for bio-identical hormones or what-have-you'.

"But," she adds, "that's only after they've done a real food plan that is directed at their ailments."
The implication of this finding, if it holds up with other people (about 69 in ER Fat Burn so far) is quite stunning:
To address an ailment, try real food first. Everything else (1-3) second.
Could one, by trying real food first, save enough on 1-3 above, especially 1, for a new place in Hawaii or the Hamptons?

P.S. Do any of these describe you?
Low energy (exhausted adrenals), low libido...
Digestion and elimination troubles
Depression, brain fog, mood swings...
Pre-pregnant and pregnant women
That's who Dr. Heidi is looking for, to start the mini ER Food Plan next Sunday, October 5.

Dr. Heidi Audio: (1 min) Which eggs are poison and which are medicine?

Dr. Heidi Audio: (21 mins) ER Food Plan for your ailments?

Link to get into the ER Food Plan Program here. 10 per group (above) only.

Note: The weaker your genetics, the more you have to focus on what you put into your body, says Dr. Heidi.

Can tomato sauce mess up your hormones?

How to buy tomato sauce.

If you get it in a can, it might indeed mess up your hormones. And that's not all...
Here's a TWO-minute audio from Dr. Heidi... shows you how buy your next tomato sauce...
Who'd have thunk it?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to buy meat

Real Food News You Can Use: How to buy meat. 
Dr. Heidi 5 min AUDIO here (5 mins).
"I'm an omnivore. I've read all the stories about red meat. And more here. How do I buy the good red meat?"
Here's the definition of good red meat.
Good read meat comes from grass-fed animals. Grass-fed animals are pastured. [NOT pasteurized - but pastured.] This, my omnivore friends, you CAN eat. I do.

Grass-fed animals are allowed to forage and graze in pastures - on grass and other stuff on the grounds. Eating what they eat naturally. They're not force fed corn and soy, and not shot full of antibiotics and growth hormones. Because they're not sick like most of the feedlot cows in America are.
Good meat shopping tip: When shopping for meat, ASK the meat person:
Do you have 100% grass-fed beef?
If not, find a local farmer. They'll have grass fed beef. Google local farmers in YOUR CITY or check for local farmers online at Local Harvest or the Weston A Price Foundation.

Until you find a farmer or grass-fed beef source, at the very minimum, to preserve your body, ask for meats from animals that have not been fed antibiotics and hormones. Ask at the meat counter.

P.S. For the story on good meat, bad meat See here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Irrationally committed

Got this from my friend Seth Godin...
"Parents or other adults who are irrationally committed to a kid's well being make a huge (perhaps the biggest) difference in that young person's life.

"Entrepreneurs who are irrationally committed to their business are far more likely to get through the dip.

"Salespeople and service providers and marketers who are irrationally committed to customer service can completely transform an ordinary experience and make it remarkable."
Here's mine: people who are irrationally committed to real food - ER real food - can completely transform their body experience and make themselves feel and look rejuvenated. Like when they were 16.

Is being irrational irrational? Of course.

I'm irrationally committed to the American Food Resistance. What are you irrationally committed to?

I joined the American Food Resistance.

New ER Detox/Cleanse starts October 25

Food resistance? What's that?
A movement to resist the industrial food that jams supermarket shelves and restaurant menus.
Yes, I have joined the Resistance. So have others. The inspiration of the real food drive is Dr. Heidi, whose ER Fat Burn program, rooted in real food instead of industrial fare, is changing lives before my eyes. And in weeks, not months or years.

You might be surprised at what you're eating - that you thought was real food - but isn't. Eating real food has brought "believe it or not" kind of results.

One gent went from 8 beers/day to 0 beers/day in 10 days.

One gal lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks and was never hungry. Still isn't.

Other tidbits from members of the Food Resistance:
"Sexual energy up. - after one week.

"Hot flashes finally gone.
I can sleep through the night again
I'm off Diet Pepsi" - two weeks.

"No more gas and bloating
No more diarrhea
Depression gone." -two weeks.

"Energy for sports back up
Sexual desire back up
Belching almost gone" - two weeks
What are they doing?
Resisting the industrial foods they used to eat everyday. Industrial foods from supermarkets and restaurants.

Instead, they're eating real food: Learning what it is and where to find it.
This clan of folks is happily foraging for their food in all kinds of places, online and off. And that, apparently, has helped all manner of ailments - in as little as 10 days to two weeks. They also have private weekly consultations with Dr. Heidi, the nutritionist who created ER.

Want to join us?

New ER Detox/Cleanse program starts October 25

The ER Detox/Cleanse is the second cycle in Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Weight Loss program. You alternate between Far Burn and Detox to achieve healthy weight loss.

In Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program, based on real food, 95% of the participants have
1) lost weight and so far, kept it off;
2) have watched their daily harmful habits fade away...without the usual suffering and feelings of deprivation; and
3) feel like new people from the inside out.
"Everything I believed (about the industrial food they sell us)," Lulu whispered, "was a lie."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

8 beers/day to 0 beers/day. After one week

"Sexual energy up. -one week.

"Hot flashes finally gone.
I can sleep through the night again
I'm off Diet Pepsi" - two weeks.

"No more gas and bloating
No more diarrhea
Depression gone." -two weeks.

"Energy for sports back up
Sexual desire back up
Belching almost gone" - two weeks
What are these people doing?

Not drugs. Not pills.
For some 40 people in the current ER (Extreme Regime) Fat Burn program, whose comments these are, it started with ONE change: Going back to real food. They all got on an ER real food program.
Want to see what an ER real food program can do for you?

Dr. Heidi is offering a special "ER real food plan" for you if you are one of these:
  • Low energy, exhausted adrenals, cold hands or feet
  • Digestive or elimination troubles
  • Depressed, mood swings, brain fog
  • Pre-pregnant, pregnant and nursing moms
Intro call tonight (Thursday) night.
5:30pm PT 6:30pm MT 7:30pm CT 8:30pm ET

Pin 664114#
Real food is not as easy to define as you might think. And not as easily available, either. She'll tell you how different folks are foraging for real food and loving it(!)
Here's what you get with the ER Real Food Plan program:
1. Dr. Heidi Basic call with all participants: Sunday, Sep 28, 4:30PM ET. Learn ER food plan basics that apply to all.
2. Dr. Heidi Group call with participants in your group (above). Learn ER food plan addressing the special needs of that group (first week of October)
3. A downloadable PDF summarizing the special ER real food plan for your group. 
4. Your biochemical profile. Based on questionnaires you complete.
Choose one of two packages below. 10% discount coupon available until midnight, ET, tonight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ask and you shall receive: a trap?

Getting (and giving) what we want can bring on big trouble

1. Mom gives kid chocolate diet
Did you hear about the preschooler last year who ate a mostly chocolate diet?
“Chocolate milk, chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip pancakes — it was unbelievable,” said Ms. Worobey, director of the Rutgers University Nutritional Sciences Preschool in New Brunswick, N.J. “His mother just thought, ‘That’s what he wants, so that’s what I’m going to do.’ ” More here.
Another trap brought on by asking and receiving...

2. Debt Trap
In a magnificent piece, "The Debt Trap", NY Times Louise Story leads with a popular slogan lenders used - successfully - to entice people to get a second mortgage on their home:

"Live Richly."
"The advertising campaign, which cost some $1 billion from 2001 to 2006, urged people to lighten up about money and helped persuade hundreds of thousands of Citi customers to take out home equity loans — that is, to borrow against their homes. As one of the ads proclaimed: “There’s got to be at least $25,000 hidden in your house. We can help you find it.
Nearly a quarter of Americans with first mortgages have seconds. It's been a boon for banks. And people got money they wanted.
"However, what has been a highly lucrative business for banks has become a disaster for many borrowers, who are falling behind on their payments at near record levels and could lose their homes."
Yes, cool ads encouraged Americans to go deeper into debt. But bank executives say that their customers wanted to borrow more money, and that desire is what drove changes in the lending marketplace. Consumers wanted more credit...and got it.

Now both borrowers AND lenders are in - way over their heads - and ALL stand to lose money, homes, positions of power, self esteem - just check today's latest congressional bailout news.

We asked for it, and we got it. In hindsight, maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

3. Industrial food trap.
Hasn't food become like debt? We want lots, fast, cheap with a dab of salty, crunchy, sweet, and oh - make it stimulating, too. Well, we got it. And look it. And feel it.

And big manufacturers thrive, happy to feed our need for speed. Of course they justify what they produce by pointing to our demand for it. And telling themselves that if THEY didn't sell us this stuff, someone else would.
Meanwhile, one day on Main Street, everything goes upside down. An unexpected diagnosis. Your neighbor is stricken. You hate looking in the mirror or getting naked. You know you're not eating and living right and it's getting worse.
But what to do? (continued here.)

One solution...go back to real food

Continued from Ask and you shall receive: a trap?

One solution, not tied to any ideology (nor to any pills, drinks or packaged food program): Go back to real food. You can go back to real food on your own, too, with a little guidance. Just know it is definitely the path less traveled.
And the change to real food...well that's something the 40 ER Fat Burners (class full, sorry) are doing now. And guess what:
The biggest surprise, re real food, that Er Fat Burners all got?

That they have to forage for real food. It's not readily available - even in their health food stores.

Amazingly, most can't stop talking about how they love foraging for real food, driving 2-3 hours just to pick it up. (!) Foraging has become a loved outing for many of these folks, who are too busy to think straight most of the time.
Here's what else happens when a body gets ER real food:
1. Real food's magic has, in 2 weeks, reduced one's gent's cravings for ice cream from a 10 (gotta have it) to 0 (!). He's never hungry or longing for it, or cranky because he doesn't have it. He turned it down when his wife offered him some last night, even. Oh. He also lost 13 lbs in the first two weeks, and sits at his computer all day.

2. One lady changed out her daily morning cereal (dry, from a box) and milk, for real food, and has dropped 24 pounds in the last 7 weeks.
ER real food has totally changed lives. There are some 40 bodies in the Sep ER Fat Burn, each one already transforming itself in its own way. One lady says she does ER real food for two days, then goes off and eats industrial food for three, and now, she doesn't gain 3-4 lbs after that, like she used to before.


So what is ER real food and where do you get it? And no, we don't sell it...

Dr. Heidi is offering an ER personalized food plan for folks trying to get back their good looks, old energy and good health. She'll also tell you where to get it.

So, do any of these describe you?
  • Low energy, exhausted adrenals, cold hands or feet
  • Digestive or elimination troubles
  • Depressed, mood swings, brain fog
  • Pre-pregnant, pregnant and nursing moms
For you, Dr. Heidi is offering a 2- call tele-seminar and a customized ER real food plan - for your chosen situation, above.

In addition to the calls, you get your individual biochemical and metabolic profiles. That way you know what your profile is, and Dr. Heidi's ER real food plan can be best customized to you.

Two program options:

1. Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Personalized Naked Food Plan: $149

2. Dr. Heidi's Personalized Extreme Regime Food Plan w/4 bxsPops: $159.80

These include the custom calls for each group, the testing above, and Dr. Heidi's customized ER Real Food plan that you can implement pronto.

The initial private group call for the ER Personalized Food Plan is scheduled for Sept 27. Mini-group calls are planned for Oct 2, Oct 4 and Oct 5. You'll get an invite soon after you sign up.

Yes - this is only 1/3 of the cost of the ER programs. Why? To enable someone to afford it and at least get started on their ER real food regime. Don't we need to do what we can control, that we know is safe and effective, to have our brains working right during strange times like these? Now is not the time for junk food brain. Think?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Junk food lust - just put it on my body credit card

Who hasn't wanted it in the worst way?

We get the need for the crunchy salty fries, the thick fat latte and sweet wonderful thing to go with, and we put it on our body "credit card" - we'll pay later. And we do - uh - pay later.

And after a few years of this, we're all in trouble. Our bodies are looking like what we've done to them for too long. How long can your body take this pay later abuse?

Sorry, junk food lust. We'll have to recover the old fashioned way: real food, real food, real food.

P.S. Anyone know what real food is anymore? Take your shot - comments welcome below.

Monday, September 22, 2008

"There are more fat people in America than...

...there are people."

Marjorie Dawes, an insensitive weight-loss instructor in a British comedy, "Little Britain."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I'm starving myself and STILL gaining!?!"

Here's from the first lecture Dr. Heidi gave the Sept ER Fat Burn group:
"You gain MORE weight after the starvation diet, why? Because when you go on a calorie-restriction diet, when you restrict your food lower than you should, your body becomes an efficient food storage machine, so you gain weight..

"And you gain more weight after your diet than you had before, and faster, and you're making more fat cells. Because - your body is trying to protect you from starvation. When you restrict calories too much, it thinks it had better start storing for you, for later. And it does. Pretty soon, you've killed your metabolism. "
That's why, "there is no starvation on the ER Fat Burn program. You eat different and real food, but always enough so you are satisfied."

P.S. One of the ER FB participants, Carol, reported she's lost 24 lbs. She's now in her second ER Fat Burn (she signed up for Sep ER Fat Burn a couple weeks ago, after graduating from the July ER FB program.)

P.P.S. October Detox starts October 25. Yes, Carol is in it. So's Wanda, Susan, Robin, Erin and others of the ER Fat Burn gang. Detox is another ER cycle; you need not have done ER Fat Burn to do the Detox program. There is a Detox discount for ER Fat Burn graduates. Ask.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warning: the tip

Here's the sequel to ER Theater movie #2, "I feel like crap". See here.

TURN on your AUDIO, ok?

Do you have IFS? The ER Theater mini movie here.... 3:42

To be continued...

Comments welcome...

Smaller, You Tube version below...finally!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Your ER personalized food plan?

First 10 people in each group only.

Does one of these describe you?

  • Low energy, exhausted adrenals, cold hands or feet
  • Digestive or elimination troubles
  • Depressed, mood swings, brain fog
  • Pre-pregnant, pregnant and nursing moms
We all know that pills are not enough... They might be a catalyst, and provide nutrient reserves. And that's a good thing. But a daily real food plan you can stick to, will really take your body to the next level.
(In the first week of the Sep ER Fat Burn this week, one gal dropped 10 lbs - just living on her new ER food plan. Yes, likely mostly water and fat, but who wants to keep that on when they don't have to?)
Anyway, here's a way to get your own daily personalized ER food plan, designed by Dr. Heidi. Depending on the group you're in above, it's directed at enabling your body to better deal with your situation. And no, it's not $595 or $495 like one of the the full-on ER programs

We've persuaded her to offer a personalized food plan seminar to the first 10 folks in each category, above. For about 1/3 of ER ($495-$595) and 1/3 off her regular initial consultation ($225).
The initial consultation, which you get here, includes your individual biochemical and metabolic profiles.
Here's the one-time deal for your ER personalized food plan:
ER personalized food plan option 1: $149.

ER personalized food plan option 2: Comes free when you buy a four pack or 10-pack of Pops - the whole food daily Dr. Heidi designed, and which Whole Food Nation markets. (Don't use those links to order this special. See below.)

These are designed to give you the nutrient reserves your body needs to process the industrial and junk foods that might have been put into it. A 4-pack is normally a 4 month supply, a 10-pack, 10 months. (If you take extra because you're over 200lbs, or are a super athlete, they'll go faster.)

(For this special ER Food Plan program, order through the temporary links below only!)

Anyway, there will be a special call for each group (about 45-60 minutes) and a follow-up PDF (mini-ebook) with the daily ER food plan customized to you, depending on the little group you're in. (Yes, you can be in more than one group.)

Of course every suggestion is real food-based.

The initial private group call for the ER Personalized Food Plan is scheduled for Sept 27. Mini-group calls are planned for Oct 2, Oct 4 and Oct 5. You'll get an invite soon after you sign up.
First 10 people in each group only!


1. Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Personalized Naked Food Plan: $149

Free with a catch: It's free with any of these regular Pops orders.

2. Dr. Heidi's Personalized Extreme Regime Food Plan w/10 Pops: $310 ($31/bx of Pops)

3. Dr. Heidi's Personalized Extreme Regime Food Plan w/4 Pops ($39/bx, no standing order): $159.80

4. Dr. Heidi's Personalized Extreme Regime Food Plan w/4 Pops ($37/bx) (Subscription):

NOTE: On the order page, underneath any of these options, you can select up to three groups at no extra charge.
WARNING: If you click on different links, the order page ADDS each option. To avoid heart flutters, click CLEAR CART (bottom right of the order page) and pick the option you really want. That's what it will charge you for.
First 10 only in each category. If you ever wanted a taste of ER with a personal touch from Dr. Heidi, (or check this out) here's your chance.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"I feel like crap"

"I feel like crap". New video series.

A new episode scheduled for each Thursday...



YouTube smaller version below...

Friday, September 5, 2008

15 Pops testers wanted.

Heads up: Pops tester program for someone who's never had them before.

We're looking for 15 folks to try the new, daily whole food multi, from Whole Food Nation. Each box sells for $45. Testers get it on the house.
Email notice re the new Pops Testers program is going to nearly 2,000 readers later today.
Here's the deal.

1. Go to the Whole Food Nation page here, and click on "Pops" at the top.
Check out the Green and Purple Pops.

2. Based on what's in them that you think might help you, select the Greens or the Purples.

3. Email me and state why you think you might benefit from the one you select.

(We might post your comments and make you famous(!)

4. We'll give you a month's supply to try, on us. PROVIDED:

-You promise to take them each day for the period.
-You will tell us what happens for you, whatever that is, via a private online group
-Dr. Heidi, the product designer, might like to chat with you
during the test to see how it's going.

That's the story.

First 15 who email with a compelling reason for their choice are in.

Email me: kimklaver[at]mac[dot]com ([at]=@ [dot]=.
SUBJECT: Pops Tester

P.S. Email notice re the new Pops Testers program is going to our reader list later today.