Friday, September 26, 2008

I joined the American Food Resistance.

New ER Detox/Cleanse starts October 25

Food resistance? What's that?
A movement to resist the industrial food that jams supermarket shelves and restaurant menus.
Yes, I have joined the Resistance. So have others. The inspiration of the real food drive is Dr. Heidi, whose ER Fat Burn program, rooted in real food instead of industrial fare, is changing lives before my eyes. And in weeks, not months or years.

You might be surprised at what you're eating - that you thought was real food - but isn't. Eating real food has brought "believe it or not" kind of results.

One gent went from 8 beers/day to 0 beers/day in 10 days.

One gal lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks and was never hungry. Still isn't.

Other tidbits from members of the Food Resistance:
"Sexual energy up. - after one week.

"Hot flashes finally gone.
I can sleep through the night again
I'm off Diet Pepsi" - two weeks.

"No more gas and bloating
No more diarrhea
Depression gone." -two weeks.

"Energy for sports back up
Sexual desire back up
Belching almost gone" - two weeks
What are they doing?
Resisting the industrial foods they used to eat everyday. Industrial foods from supermarkets and restaurants.

Instead, they're eating real food: Learning what it is and where to find it.
This clan of folks is happily foraging for their food in all kinds of places, online and off. And that, apparently, has helped all manner of ailments - in as little as 10 days to two weeks. They also have private weekly consultations with Dr. Heidi, the nutritionist who created ER.

Want to join us?

New ER Detox/Cleanse program starts October 25

The ER Detox/Cleanse is the second cycle in Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Weight Loss program. You alternate between Far Burn and Detox to achieve healthy weight loss.

In Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program, based on real food, 95% of the participants have
1) lost weight and so far, kept it off;
2) have watched their daily harmful habits fade away...without the usual suffering and feelings of deprivation; and
3) feel like new people from the inside out.
"Everything I believed (about the industrial food they sell us)," Lulu whispered, "was a lie."


Robin Plan said...

Hi Kim - I am one of the 40 folks who have learned what real food does for your body. I'm a junk food snob now and my body thanks me everyday.

I was one of the people who did both ER programs to learn about food. I thought I was a healthy eater but wondered why my stomach was upset often, I couldn't keep up with my son on bike rides, my skin was dry and flaky and I didn't sleep well.

After 6 weeks of eating real food all the problems above are gone. I enjoy food so much more now because it tastes so good. I like the adventure of finding real food - and get excited when I find real pastured eggs.

One more thing, eating real food has been an easy way to get my 10-year-old son to eat right, he's not picky anymore because I explain why what we eat now is better for us, better for the animals and the Earth. He tells all his friends what we eat, where we get it and why. How cool is that?

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Al said...

Hi Kim...I had been on a low carb diet for several years to manage my blood glucose levels. What i didn't realize was that I needed some good fat in my diet and fish oil supplements were not doing the job. I couldn't lose weight, I did not have the energy I wanted and I continued to have digestion problems and belching. Since the ER program (3 weeks) I have lost 6 lbs have more energy and Dr. Heidi had the answer to my belching...I am almost completely belch- free. And oh yes never hungry.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Good work Kim.

I have been on this bandwagon for most of my life, perhaps as a result of growing up in a time and place where junk food was just not around.
I am happy to report that both my grown kids eat real food, and see bones as something to make soup with.

My particular interest is kids whose brains get so damaged by all the weird substances in their food that they can't concentrate and are diagnosed with ADD.

If you need some more ammunition, may I suggest the following readings:
"The Crazy Makers" by Dr. Carol Simontacchi.
"Excitotoxins" by Dr. Russell Blaylock.

The intrepid Mike Adams has an interview with Dr. BlayLock on his website

Lucy said...

Hi Kim
I watched Heidi's video with one ear and came away with just one tip: Start every day with two glasses of HOT water. I've been doing that for 5 days and have lost 3 lbs. Nothing else about my eating habits has changed. We'll see if this is a true trend or just a fluke.

Lucy in St. Thomas
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