Friday, September 5, 2008

15 Pops testers wanted.

Heads up: Pops tester program for someone who's never had them before.

We're looking for 15 folks to try the new, daily whole food multi, from Whole Food Nation. Each box sells for $45. Testers get it on the house.
Email notice re the new Pops Testers program is going to nearly 2,000 readers later today.
Here's the deal.

1. Go to the Whole Food Nation page here, and click on "Pops" at the top.
Check out the Green and Purple Pops.

2. Based on what's in them that you think might help you, select the Greens or the Purples.

3. Email me and state why you think you might benefit from the one you select.

(We might post your comments and make you famous(!)

4. We'll give you a month's supply to try, on us. PROVIDED:

-You promise to take them each day for the period.
-You will tell us what happens for you, whatever that is, via a private online group
-Dr. Heidi, the product designer, might like to chat with you
during the test to see how it's going.

That's the story.

First 15 who email with a compelling reason for their choice are in.

Email me: kimklaver[at]mac[dot]com ([at]=@ [dot]=.
SUBJECT: Pops Tester

P.S. Email notice re the new Pops Testers program is going to our reader list later today.

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