Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Good Food Manifesto for America

Here's a solid ChangeThis paper from someone else who believes:
"It is time and past time for this nation, this government, to react to the dangers inherent in its flawed farm and food policies and to reverse course from subsidizing wealth to subsidizing health.

We have to stop paying the largest farm subsidies to large growers of unsustainable and inedible crops like cotton. We have to stop paying huge subsidies to Big Corn, Big Soy and Big Chem to use prime farmland to grow fuel, plastics and fructose. We have to stop using federal and state agencies and institutions as taxpayer-funded research arms for the very practices that got us into this mess..."

Download here. No charge.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have you seen Food Inc?

Day 1 on Purple Pop

Just in from Beverly A:
"I just had to tell you about my first day on the Purple Pops.

"I received my order earlier this week, but unfortunately the Green Pops are on back order. So I was going to wait until I got them to start, but I decided to go ahead and try the Purple.

"I took one about 10 am, right before I headed out to Physical Therapy. I noticed a difference in how I felt the very first hour! I don't quite know how to describe it. Sort of like a renewed sense of well-being. Sometimes I just drag thru the physical therapy exercises, but today I felt great...

"I went to lie down at the regular nap time, around 2 pm, and just tossed and turned for a while. After a while, I thought, this is ridiculous, I don't need a nap today, and I got up, got dressed, and drove in to the beach. I walked on the boardwalk, walked out on the fishing pier (really enjoyed that) and then sat down on a bench and people-watched for a while, taking in all the wonderful salt air breezes.

"That's the first time in the whole year that I've lived here that I ever drove in to Ocean City in the evening (and it's only 5 miles!)...

"And get this: I didn't even buy any Thrashers French Fries or caramel corn! I had a big salad for lunch, and just wasn't hungry yet this evening. Can you believe it??

"Just had to let you know...

Aww thanks, Bev. This is one I've been on for five years. I'm mad about it AND yes, I market it.

Plus, lucky for us, these whole food multis were named "Best Multi in 2008"

Yep, we're happy. Want to try some? Check here and here.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elvis died straining on the throne

Pops for pooping...

He's not the only one. Happens to many many guys...
"Movie producer Don Simpson (Flashdance, Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop) died of a heart attack while straining on the toilet. He was reading a book...Elvis also died while straining on the toilet. He was reading a book too..." Joe Eszterhas, Screenwriter.
Why do I tell you this?

Because the most most popular comment by new Pops users is:
"I don't strain on the toilet for #2."
They've also moved their libraries out of the bathroom.

Must be those digestive enzymes do it. Along with the Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Pops for Prevention

Friday, July 17, 2009

Heath Ledger didn't believe it...

Who else is too wired on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and sugary stuff all day, to calm down and sleep at night?

Everyone knows: Heath Ledger, the gorgeous young actor, woke up dead at 28 a year ago. All he wanted was to get some rest. He was just too wired to sleep at night, so he took something to help. It was too much for him and caused the big sleep. Same thing happened to Michael Jackson.

People are dying trying to get some rest at night.

Here's the scoop on Heath Ledger.
His last interview took place a month before he died. On that late morning, a visiting reporter had noted that before Ledger could even have a conversation with the her about his latest movie role - the Joker in the Dark Knight Batman flick - he'd made himself two pots of coffee. In between, he ran out on his deck to have a couple of smokes. Then he was ready to start the interview.
During the interview, the writer said, they "swapped insomnia-combating tips."

But think about it: How ya gonna sleep at night with 6-10 cups of coffee in you?
Who else is too wired on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and sugary stuff to calm down and sleep at night?
I used to have the same problem. I love cappucinos and for 30 years, I would not accept they kept me up at night. Finally, about 4 years ago, I started taking some different kinds of uppers: metabolic boosters.

I rarely have trouble sleeping at night anymore. My caps are now down to one per day.
And that's a very big reason I use AND market the Pops. The Purples have eight of these metabolic boosters and they keep me energized during the day. Without insomnia at night.
If you want to reduce your intake of scary stimulants, here's one way.

That's what I do. And that's why I sell it to anyone who wants to get off the stimulant wagon before it's too late. Why do it to yourself?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is your pick-me-up killing you?

Old: Stimulants. (Caffeine, sugar, sodas, especially Jolt-types)

They give a quick high.

Then comes the crash. Requiring another round.
Stimulants get expensive. And fattening. And after 4-5 of those Lattes, we get a headache. Then we can't sleep. That's when things get dangerous.
But we need that lift.

New: metabolic boosters.
They give a confident lift, and no crash or other scary side effects.

Have you heard about them?

These "uppers" won't exhaust your body or keep you up at night.

Dr. Heidi will show you 8 metabolic boosters Thursday eve, July 16. (OK here's one.)

5:30pm PT; 6:30pm MT; 7:30pm CT; 8:30pm ET

(712) 429-0700 Caller pin 664114#

P.S. The metabolic boosters are just eight of the 55 nutrients in the Purple Pops. Recession prices in effect until further notice.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Are you tired of vitamins that just don't do anything?

Daily vitamins are not like a dull knife. How would you even know there's anything wrong?
Most off-the-shelf vitamins, it's been discovered, do nothing. Many are suspected of doing more harm than good. Most all contain synthetic ingredients, and artificial colors like yellow dye #6, yellow #5, blue #1...
So of course Dr. Heidi, extreme real foodie and real supplement nut, went overboard and designed some. When you're extreme about what you pop into your mouth, what else do you do?
Yes, of course we sell it. I'm delighted to make a living doing something I believe in so much.
Hmm. I wonder what 77 research-supported life enhancing ingredients will do for your body?

Who else needs something extra-good to make up for imperfect living habits?

P.S. You are surely NOT like the folks stocking up on pills that they think can spare them expensive doctor visits? Who else is buying a dull knife and doesn't know it?