Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"It's the Diet, Oprah. It's Not You."

AUDIO HERE: "It's the diet, Oprah. It's not you." - Kim interviews Dr. Heidi.

Your transformation begins this SATURDAY Oct 3.

You can read the Oprah story here, the ER Fat Burn blurb here, and listen to the neat call with we had Tuesday evening Dr. Heidi right here:

Audio: "It's the diet, Oprah. It's not you." - Kim interviews Dr. Heidi.

(Give it a few moments to download. It should play right here it's QuickTime.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

"How did I let this happen again?"

Oprah asked herself that last year, after putting back on 40 pounds.
"I had literally starved myself for four months -- not a morsel of food," Winfrey said in 2005.

"Two hours after that show, I started eating to celebrate -- of course, within two days those jeans no longer fit!"
She regained the weight within two years and claimed she would never diet again.

She's not the only one who fell off the weight wagon.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Heidi the ER Fat Burn creator says to me,
"How could I have put on eight pounds this summer? I'm going to teach an ER Fat Burn Certification program to teachers-in-training for the ER Fat Burn program! What will I tell them?"
But then she smiled, "Well at least I know how to get rid of the fat before the program starts in two weeks.

She doesn't starve. She doesn't count. She eats luscious food. And no industrial food-like substances. And she's already lost 4 of the 8 pounds. See what she does here (about mid page).

Fifth ER Fat Burn starts October 3. Do you know anyone who ready to lose that weight, and wants to try something strange and different?

P.S. One ER participant has lost 110 lbs so far - in one year. We'll post her story next.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stella’s no-turning-back fat moment…

The fifth live ER Fat Burn program starts October 3.
“It finally just hit me,” she recalls. “I thought, This cannot be the way God intended me to be. I am too fat and too unhappy..."

So she tried again. She chose ER Fat Burn this time around, and set about healing herself with an intimate group.

It was not always an easy time. The slightest emotional upset, even certain songs on the radio, would set off ferocious cravings...
Stella's story's here. Plus early bird info for Dr. Heidi's October ER Fat Burn.
Sorry, just 7 live spots this time - those with the weekly one-on-ones with Dr. Heidi. (Because Dr. Heidi is teaching her new 9-month ER Fat Burn Certification program for ER Fat Burn graduates who want to teach ER Fat Burn themselves.)
"Give a woman industrial food and she'll get fat, sick and tired. Let her eat ER food and everything changes."
NOTE: Live intro call: What's ER Fat Burn? w/Dr. Heidi.
Tuesday, 5:30PM PT (CA) 8:30PM ET (New York). No charge. Just pick up the phone and call a couple of minutes before the time.
Call in #: 712.429.0700
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

What does the world's oldest man eat?

Not much, at least not too much.

Walter Breuning turned 113 and eats just two meals a day and has done that for the last 35 years...See here
"You get in the habit of not eating at night, and you realize how good you feel. If you could just tell people not to eat so darn much." -Walter Breuning

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We choose YOU over a billboard

Online shopping annoyance

Do you grumble when you get to the checkout and suddenly see the extra shipping cost tacked on? For years I just accepted it. Like everybody else, I figured, well, SOMEbody has to pay UPS right?

They do. But it doesn't have to be you.

Starting today, "We Pay Shipping for You" (in the US and Canada) is in effect for the whole food multi - Pops, and the new whole food source vitamin B-Complex - Big B.

Ha! you sniff: What's the catch? Why are you doing this? Did you add to the price to cover?
Last week a light went on. We suddenly realized that whatever marketing money we might spend on a billboard, or on traffic generation programs, well, we can use that instead to pay the UPS man for you.

Because. We were blind to tradition - that's the way things are done online. But not anymore. Phew!We love you way more than strangers we don't even know. This is one small way we've finally figured out to show you we are grateful you buy the whole food based vitamins that we've designed ourselves and use ourselves. (Dr. Heidi designed and I get to use, hehehe.)
So that's the story and I'm sticking to it.

Have you experienced having Whole Food Nation pay shipping for YOU yet?

Whole food multi - Pops here,
Whole food source vitamin B-Complex - Big B here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"If you are American, you die earlier and spend more time disabled..."

So said Christopher Murray, M.D., Ph.D. Director of the World Health Organization's Global Program on Evidence for Health Policy, 2000. His words:
"Basically, you die earlier and spend more time disabled if you're an American rather than a member of most other advanced countries."

Have you checked your vitamins today?

Confession. I am the marketing hancho for the Pops, a whole food daily multi with 77 ingredients. Here's why.
Get out your bottle of daily vitamins. Hold that label up to the light and get out the magnifying glass.
I bet you’re taking a synthetic vitamin, like most everyone else. Here's why to think twice about that:

3 Studies

#1. Study using synthetic beta carotene and Vitamin E halted.

29,000 male smokers were given synthetic beta carotene and synthetic Vitamin E. The study was stopped when rates of lung cancer, heart attacks and death increased. - New England Journal of Medicine, 1994

#2. Birth defects increased for women on synthetic supplements
22,000 pregnant women were given synthetic Vitamin A. The study was halted because birth defects increased 400%. - New England Journal of Medicine, 1995

#3. Men get thickened arteries on synthetic supplements.
Men who took 500 mg of synthetic Vitamin C daily over 18 months showed signs of thickening of the arteries. - Reuters Health, March, 2000

Are your vitamins synthetic too?

Here's how to tell - (the original white paper exposing this) It's baaad.
Check out the label of a popular synthetic multivitamin seen on TV here. (Scroll down a bit)
Dr. Heidi's not the only one who knows the risk of synthetic vitamins. See here and here.

P.S. In case...the whole food Pops are here. The 77 ingredients here.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ghandi Weighs In On the Excercise Debate

"I was none the worse for abstaining from exercise. That was because I had read in books about the benefits of long walks in the open air, and having liked the advice, I had formed a habit of taking walks, which has still remained with me. These walks gave me a fairly hardy constitution." -Gandhi

Friday, September 11, 2009

Health Care Is Not the Problem: We are Too Fat Is the Problem

The health care debate matters, but no matter what Congress does, America's health is not likely to get any better

Because health care isn't causing the problem: our diet is.

"The American way of eating has become the elephant in the room in the debate over health care," writes Michael Pollan in the New York Times.
"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, three-quarters of health care spending now goes to treat “preventable chronic diseases.” Not all of these diseases are linked to diet — there’s smoking, for instance — but many, if not most, of them are."
See here for the eye opening piece by Michael Pollan
"There’s lots of money to be made selling fast food and then treating the diseases that fast food causes."
Yes of course WE the PEOPLE decide what to put into our mouths and most of us make terrible choices most of the time. And we pay for them with our sick, fat and tired bodies by the time we're 40.

But it doesn't help that nearly ALL the food that is available is not food at all, but spicy, addictive food-like substances with lots of toxic chemicals. And the meat and dairy in every supermarket is full of antibiotics and growth hormones. All this stuff is made with artificial ingredients that have long shelf life, and little nutritive value. But it's cheap.

Like the man said, there’s lots of money to be made selling fast food and then treating the diseases that fast food causes. And we the people are going along with it.

Yes, we don't pay for it immediately, but we sure do pay. Don't we?

Oi Vey.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Does exercise make it harder to lose weight?

Just in from Time Magazine...(Thanks Karen Buck)

"Whether because exercise makes us hungry or because we want to reward ourselves, many people eat more — and eat more junk food, like doughnuts — after going to the gym." Bottom line:
"It's what you eat, not how hard you try to work it off, that matters more in losing weight. You should exercise to improve your health, but be warned: fiery spurts of vigorous exercise could lead to weight gain. I love how exercise makes me feel, but tomorrow I might skip the VersaClimber — and skip the blueberry bar that is my usual post-exercise reward." More here (it's kinda long and a little boring)
Of course Dr. Heidi fans were already in on that little secret...See here and here.
Confession. For many years I belonged to the Nob Hill club - part of the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco. I went 4-5 days per week for an hour's workout, first thing in the AM. After, walking down the Powell Street hill towards the financial district, my friend and I passed a Double Rainbow cafe.

Of course we stopped in each time. We looked forward to a big fat almond croissant and cappuccino. It was a wonderful reward. We didn't stop unless we'd worked out. We stopped by almost every single day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ER Eating Coach?

ER Eating for fat burn and looking good again.

We're building a network of ER Eating Schools. Wanna help?

Some of you may know that Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program has been an extraordinary success. I've been living her ER eating cycles for over ten years, and I know it's why I can run 5 miles a day and look as good as I do (same size I was in college - 8).

So we're planning to expand it. Well, I am. Looking into how to do it. Some ideas:
ER Eating Coaches. Some of her ER grads have signed up for the first ER Fat Burn Certification program starting later this month. That will enable them, if they want, to become ER Eating Coaches. And get paid for it. Or they can just get depth and authority in something they love already (having done it.) Or they can understand the many factors underlying their success in losing weight/overcoming symptoms, cravings, etc.
In addition, we'll be seeking out:
ER Eating Program Directors - folks to help us build a network of ER Eating schools. Whose teachers will be the ER Eating Coaches. Program to be delivered online, CDs and over the phone (like now). Program Directors are people like me who like building a service business that offers success training in ER Eating and character development.
Prerequisite for ER Eating Coaches. Must be a graduate of the 3-cycle ER Eating program (Fat Burn, Detox and Coasting.) Live or multi-media version of the programs. A live Fat Burn starts this Fall, and the multi-media version is available right now. See here for surprise info. Must love teaching ER Eating to folks who are ready for a life change in the eating and weight department.

Prerequisite for ER Eating Program Directors: Gotta love sales and marketing, and setting up good customer service and training programs. Folks who can and want to help us build a network of ER Eating schools. Online. On the phone. One school at a time.

Email me here if you're interested and we can get down and dirty on what it takes and why you think you could make a success of it.