Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stella’s no-turning-back fat moment…

The fifth live ER Fat Burn program starts October 3.
“It finally just hit me,” she recalls. “I thought, This cannot be the way God intended me to be. I am too fat and too unhappy..."

So she tried again. She chose ER Fat Burn this time around, and set about healing herself with an intimate group.

It was not always an easy time. The slightest emotional upset, even certain songs on the radio, would set off ferocious cravings...
Stella's story's here. Plus early bird info for Dr. Heidi's October ER Fat Burn.
Sorry, just 7 live spots this time - those with the weekly one-on-ones with Dr. Heidi. (Because Dr. Heidi is teaching her new 9-month ER Fat Burn Certification program for ER Fat Burn graduates who want to teach ER Fat Burn themselves.)
"Give a woman industrial food and she'll get fat, sick and tired. Let her eat ER food and everything changes."
NOTE: Live intro call: What's ER Fat Burn? w/Dr. Heidi.
Tuesday, 5:30PM PT (CA) 8:30PM ET (New York). No charge. Just pick up the phone and call a couple of minutes before the time.
Call in #: 712.429.0700
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