Thursday, July 31, 2008

A weird appetite suppressant: Truth or Dare?

The era of weird eating is here. It is ER (Extreme Regime).
The current poster child for the August ER class, Carol R, dropped 16 pounds in 16 days see here, and 4 inches from her waist. She does not exercise and has a sedentary desk job 5 days a week. "I've changed my eating habits forever," she reports.
I am so keen on the results of this for myself and folks I know that I'm out here like a wild person promoting it. ER is an extreme (and healthy) weight control program dreamed up by my old friend and nutrition professor, Dr. Heidi.

I am betting that ER will change your idea of eating today and for years to come.

It is weird, though. Nothing like the usual processed foods or industrial feedlot processed meat. ER is not for the faint of heart.

Here's a weird (and free) ER appetite suppressant tip. I dare you to try it.
You're sitting down at a restaurant. The waiter brings out the warm bread and butter.

Take some butter (say a pat or so).

Do not touch the bread.

Eat the butter. Alone. Let it melt in your mouth.
Wait about 10 seconds.

Check appetite.

Repeat if necessary.

If you have not gagged at the idea of butter alone, you'll notice a difference in your hunger level almost immediately. I did. Vicki did. Anna Jean did. Dozens of others did.

Try it. Report back.

September ER is almost full. It's a 5-week personalized program to help you look good again. And have that old energy back. For good. No rabbit food. No extra exercise required.

Told you this was weird.

Here's an intro call from Dr. Heidi (about 45 minutes). If you want in for the September ER weirdness, the options are here. (Warning: very expensive.)

Want to chat about ER? Email me: kimklaver[at]mac.[dot]com ([at]=@ [dot]=.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How to make Dr. Heidi's ER fat burning toddy

For the ER group...not yet perfect film-making, but it's up! (kk)

L.A. blocks new fast-food outlets from poor areas

Good news for improving chances of LA citizens' health...

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Los Angeles City Council has approved a one-year moratorium on new fast-food restaurants in a low-income area of the city.

The moratorium unanimously approved Tuesday is a bid to attract restaurants that offer healthier food choices to residents in a 32-square-mile area of South Los community plagued by above-average rates of obesity and a proliferation of fast food joints...MORE HERE.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steak 'n eggs: Good or bad for weight loss?

What's the best way to lose weight fast and remain healthy?

There has been much hysteria pro and con the Atkins-type weight-loss regime, with the low-cal/lo fat and portion control camp screaming that red meat and eggs are dangerous.

In a recent weight loss study Atkins folks sponsored, plant-based diet supporters gleefully point out that participants were being apparently counseled “to choose vegetarian sources of fat and protein.'’

Kathy Freston, a Dean Ornish low-fat, calorie-counting anti-meat fan girl, insists that "there's a growing shift toward healthy, plant-based diets, especially among people looking to lose weight and keep it off." And a shift away from meat, animal fats and eggs, she writes.

However, low carb, meat and blubber enthusiasts show proof of healthy weight loss and of keeping it off. Like me. Or Dr. Heidi and her ER clientele.

What should you believe?

Both. Steak (all red meats and poultry) and eggs are like cholesterol: There's good and there's bad. You need to know which is good and which is bad.
Bad Meat
Most meat in U.S. supermarkets and restaurants come from confined and un-pastured cows who are often sick. Poky's animal 'hospital' (described in Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma) is one of many big-animal hospitals that treats feedlot cattle from industrial feedlots. Most of the animals' health problems, Pollan reports, are directly or indirectly related to what they're fed.

The cows are force-fed corn and soy which they can't digest. "They're made to eat forage, and we're making them eat grain," says Dr. Metzin who treats them. p. 77, Omnivore's Dilemma)

Virtually all feedlot cattle, according to animal scientists, are sick because they cannot digest grain.

The sick animals are then shot full of antibiotics so they live a little longer - so as to get a bit fatter before they're slaughtered. Happy Sunday cookout.
So yes, the Dean Ornishes and Kathy Frestons are right. Eating bad meats and fats from from such animals can NOT be good for you. Avoid eating bad meats and fats.
Good Meat
Grass-fed animals. Grass-fed animals are pastured. [NOT pasteurized - but pastured.] This, my omnivore friends, you CAN eat. I do.

Grass-fed animals are allowed to forage and graze in pastures - on grass and other stuff on the grounds. Eating what they eat naturally. They're not shot full of antibiotics because they're not sick.
Good meat shopping tip: When shopping for meat, ASK the meat person: Do you have 100% grass-fed beef (or pastured chicken)? If not, find a local farmer. They'll have grass fed beef and poultry. Google local farmers in YOUR CITY or check for local farmers online at Local Harvest or the Weston A Price Foundation.

Until you find a farmer, at least get meats that have not been fed antibiotics and hormones
Bad eggs
Same story. Don't eat the eggs from chickens that are crammed together in spaces no bigger than an 8 and 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper, for their entire life. Don't eat those that are fed bio-engineered grain. Don't eat those kept awake with lights blazing into their cages 24/7 so they can lay as many eggs as possible before they're turned into soup. Those eggs can not be good for you. They're available in most restaurants and supermarkets.

Good eggs
Eat eggs from pastured chickens - they're the ones that go OUTSIDE and scratch around on the ground at the farm, eating grass, worms and such that they are designed to eat. NOTE: These eggs are also a surprise source of Vitamin D. Regular eggs do not have naturally occurring Vitamin D. See one minute Video: Surprise source of Vitamin D.
Good eggs shopping tip: Contact your local farmer for pastured chickens and eggs from pastured chickens. Organic is not enough here (not if you want that extra Vitamin D benefit, says Dr. Heidi here). See sources above.

Bottom line: Find pastured grass-fed animals. Eat those. They're the good meat and animal fats. They have the same kind of GOOD fats that ocean fish have, they have more minerals and vitamins and they're not fattening or disease producing, like the feedlot animals.

True, you won't keel over after one McDonald's hamburger. But the cumulative effect over the years of eating bad meats and bad animal fats weakens a body and makes it ripe for a disease to strike. Usually when you least expect it.

P.S. I learned most of this filming an eye-and-ear popping nutrition course Dr. Heidi Dulay taught in CA this spring. I hope to make some of the videos available soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

14 pounds in 14 days...

Plug for the September ER...couldn't resist with a story like this...
"I never expected that. Plus, I lost 4 inches in my waist..."
So said Carol Raynor (see her comment here at the bottom of this post) about her first two weeks in ER...the Extreme Regime Weight Control program.
"Learning what to eat to make my body metabolize and lose weight was so different than everything else (diets) I had tried for years. I feel better than I ever have in my life."

"I tried low carb, low fat, pills, shakes, portion control, calorie counting. You name it – I bought into it. None of them worked or if they did it was only for a short time. Then I gained it back. I was as miserable as ever about my weight when I started ER."

"I love ER. Because ER is not a diet for me. It’s an adventure – foraging for foods that are good. With food stores on every corner, who would have thought in the United States we’d have to look for real food? But I look at what I had to do - hunting, as in days of old, for the right foods. I’m becoming a detective."

After two weeks (so happy I get 3 more weeks!) ER has already been of great value - to my health, my mental state, my energy, my self-esteem, and yes, my love life(!) So now I am telling everyone. Everyone!"-Carol Raynor.
Notes about ER.

Rabbit food not required (see here what else is not required)

ER intro call w/Dr Heidi Wed, July 30, 8:30PM ET.

ER starts September 6 (4-5 week personalized-to-you program)
ER is really expensive.
15 Active Participants.
30 Auditors.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rabbit food not required

"I would like to know more about your ER program. I have been working on losing weight and eating healthier and I want NOT to be part of our unhealthy and overweight society." - Ron M.
Here's what ER (Extreme Regime Weight Control) is NOT:
  • No calorie/carb counting
  • No portion control
  • No "diet" foods
  • No "balanced" meals
  • No rabbit food required
Calorie and carb counting don't work for most people. Just look around at the many who have tried it and gained everything back.

Portion control. Ditto.

"Diet" foods contain artificial sweeteners and chemical additives that often make people look fatter and puffier than before. See here.

No balanced meals. When your body is out of balance, e.g. obese, an imbalanced approach to weight loss is quickest. Temporary, yes, but imbalanced. Like a plane revving up to take off. The initial effort is massive but short, until it lifts off and goes on cruise control. Imbalanced is like that. Balanced diet programs, research shows, have a 50% lower likelihood of weight loss.

No rabbit food required. Although they have vitamins and minerals and water and fiber, they don't accelerate fat burning and can even interfere with it.
That's the story on what ER is not.

ER opens August 4.
ER starts September 6 (4-5 week personalized-to-you program)
ER is really expensive.
15 Active Participants.
30 Auditors.

* Next ER starts Sept 6 (5 week program). Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Weight Control program (multi-media) begins Sept 6 (First 15 only. For omnivores only this time.)
* Dr. Heidi designed a detoxing daily whole food multi, in case you're slow to get off the lo-cal, artificial toxic sweeteners.
*Get Dr. Heidi's free report: Did the Surgeon General Get It Wrong About Weight?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do sugar-free and diet products make you look fat?

Secret: Sugar-free low-calorie products may make you look uh, fatter.
Remember: weight (that nobody wants) = fat that's been stored and water that's been retained.
OK here's the scoop.

Sugar-free, low calorie sweeteners typically use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, splenda or saccharin. (Read the label on anything lo-cal, sugar-free or diet - as in diet cookies- before you open your mouth.)

And here's how they make you look fatter, according to Dr. Heidi (creator of the the ER weight control program):
"When an artificial sweetener gets into your blood stream, your immune system's alarms go off. Among other things, your body starts retaining water.

"The water is used to escort the toxins out of your body, but often they get lodged in your tissue. Your body wants to flush the toxins, but when they don't go, your body continues to retain the water. Which makes it look fat and puffy.

"Ergo, the more artificial sweeteners you put in your mouth, the more water your body retains to protect you from the risk of toxic effects. And the fatter you look. The body's reaction to artificial sweeteners is also a cause of ugly cellulite."
* Next ER starts Sept 6 (5 week program). Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Weight Control program (multi-media) begins Sept 6 (First 15 only. For omnivores only this time.)
* Dr. Heidi designed a detoxing daily whole food multi, in case you're slow to get off the lo-cal, artificial toxic sweeteners.
*Get Dr. Heidi's free report: Did the Surgeon General Get It Wrong About Weight?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Can NOT eating make you fat?

"Well, I don't eat in the mornings, so that has to be helping me lose, right?"

Actually, not eating will likely put more fat on you, says Dr. Heidi, nutrition professor and creator of the Extreme Regime Weight Control program.

What's going on?

1. Not eating signals your body (YB) to pump up her fat storing machine.
Your body, call her YB, is designed to protect you. When you don't eat for several hours or more, YB perceives a famine coming. So it makes more fat-storing enzymes. The longer and more often you go without eating, the more efficient YB becomes - at fat storing. (!)

[YB does that to protect you so there's something in her storage bin for you in case you go even longer without eating. She knows you might need it for energy later.]

"But I'm not hungry in the morning!"

2. You an AM coffee drinker?
Coffee's a stimulant that kills your appetite. That would explain why you're not hungry in the mornings. You may think that's good. But actually, not eating kicks up YB's fat storage function - YB thinks there's a famine coming and wants to protect you.

3. When you finally DO eat, is it too much too late?
Workaholics: We know the pitfalls of piling it on late, don't we? The digestive fires are weak at night so if you eat a big dinner, well, that puts the fat on. YB can't digest a big dinner late at night.

1. AM coffee drinkers: have some water and real food before you have coffee.
2. Late night eaters: eat something small - so YB can digest it with the small digestive energy available so late.
3. Slow digesters: Consider using whole food supplements with potent digestive enzymes (disclosure, we market these and they're not Wal-Mart prices).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How fat does fast food make you?

Very. Each fast food meal you eat per week makes you - on average - ONE and ONE HALF pounds heavier than someone who eats no fast food...

Reported in USA Today:
"People who eat several fast-food meals a week are significantly heavier than those who don't eat fast food very often, according to a study presented to the annual meeting of the Obesity Society."
No surprise. Still, wow.

Highlights of the study:
*The weight of people who consumed three to six fast food meals a week was significantly greater than those who consumed no fast food or ate one to two such meals a week.

*Every additional fast-food meal during the week was associated with 1+1/2-pound increase in body weight.
USA Today, Oct. 23, 2007.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Surprise source of Vitamin D

Yep -- it's in a certain kind of EGG. Here's a 60 second video that shows it.

The above one minute excerpt is from a 9 minute video here, "How to fry an ER egg. Part 1."

Monday, July 14, 2008

How to Fry an ER Egg Part 1 + Finale

Here's a TWO-PART video by Dr. Heidi: How to fry (and find) a nutritious egg. No, not from Costco or Safeway, and not with a Teflon pan...

Part ONE BELOW (9:33)

Part TWO BELOW (finale (9:45)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You heading for your close call?

2nd Close Call Reported At JFK Airport.
[Twice this week two planes nearly collided at JFK airport, because of a runway problem. That's what it took to get action.]
"The FAA (finally) put out an order to JFK to no longer use that approach. That's exactly what we wanted to happen," Byrnes said. "We've been trying to change that for the last 12, 13 years. It's been an accident waiting to happen." -See here.
Is your body an accident waiting to happen? You heading for your close call?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winner of the weight food contest

OK here goes. These are the winners of the weight food contest posted here.

First, here are the two foods out of the ten listed above, that do NOT sabotage weight loss. Dr. Heidi also tells why:
1. Coconut oil
- Has no carbs
- Its fat composition promotes weight loss - medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which raise metabolism, energy and body temperature. More than any other fat.

2. Avocado
- Has relatively few net carbs (carbs minus fiber)
- Its high fat content is all real fats, which do not cause weight gain. Instead, the fat in avocado satisfies hunger, prevents urges to eat the wrong things, and prevents a drop in metabolism.
TWO first prize winners ($95 ER Auditor plus 2 Pops whole food multis)

Pam and Maria - who got the foods and detailed reasons right.

TWO second prizes ($55 ER naked Auditor spot)

Harry got the foods and the general reasons right.
Sandi got the foods right and the reason partly right; however, coconut oil and avocado are not sources of omega 3s. they have other kinds of fats that promote weight loss.

The other foods listed have benefits which many contestants pointed out. However, massive new re-analyses of years of weight research demonstrates that they sabotage weight loss for most people, because they're carby.
Winners: Email me at kimklaver[at]mac[dot]com. [at] = @ and [dot] = . I will send you the info to get into the first Extreme Regime (ER) group lecture, which starts this SAT at 12:30PM ET, 9:30AM PT.

And the two first place winners ALSO get some Pops - new whole food multis. So include your email, address and phone #.
Thanks to ALL for playing. There are some very big changes underfoot in the world of weight foods, and I'll post tidbits as we go. Weight loss is NOT obtained through calorie counting nor limited portions. And exercise has much less to do with weight loss than previously believed.

But of course everyone struggling their weight already knew that, but the "authorities" don't get it - yet.

Yep, weird and strange things are being discovered in the weight food underground.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weight Food Contest: Win an Auditor spot in Dr. Heidi's ER program

Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Weight Control program starts this Saturday. First team call is 12:30ET (9:30AM PT) Last day to register: Tomorrow before 6PM PT. (Auditors only.)

She's giving away two Auditor spots tonight.

1. $95 auditor spot with Pops (see here)
2. $55 naked auditor spot (see here)
To win: You have to be in the first five to get the answers to the two questions below right AND explain your reason for your choice in the comments below. Then we'll pick two winners.
The ER auditor winner gets:
1. Access to the five live group ER calls (about an hour each) starting this SAT and for the next 4 Saturdays after that. Yes, we will have MP3s available.

2. Copies of the handouts for these sessions (PDFs) with tips on how to change what you eat, rather than how much you eat.

3. Access to the video food demos Dr. Heidi's doing for the program.
[NOTE: The main ER program is full for July. Full participants get all the private sessions and their personal biochemical profiles in addition to the above. We may have another four-week ER program in late August.]

The contest:

Vote for the one item in each list below the one you believe does NOT sabotage weight loss. (Everyone can do that.) To play in the contest, use the comments below and EXPLAIN why you chose each one in the list that you chose.

We'll pick two who get it right, and announce the winners tomorrow before NOON PT.

Results so far here.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Which of these ten foods do NOT satobage weight loss?

Test your weight foods wits.

One reason 80% of Americans are still overweight is because they don't realize which foods they're eating interfere with weight loss.

Of course, we all know about ice cream, bon bons, alcohol and fat, sweet lattes. But what about foods that are not as obvious?

Test your weight foods wits below. (You might be surprised because the truth might not agree with what you've heard or read. But of course, that would explain why so many folks are still overweight, right?)

Two questions below. Five items on each list (list limitation). Pick the item on each list you think does NOT NOT NOT sabotage weight loss. Everything else - well - it might be keeping you weightier than you want to be.


Results so far here.

Read and hear about Dr Heidi's July Extreme Regime Weight Control program here. Registration ends this Thursday, July 10, 6PM,. Regular class is full. Sign up for an Auditor spot here.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Did we trust too much?

Most of us are too busy to pay attention to more than a few things, and for the rest, we trust. We must. No time.

When it comes to food, we may have trusted too much. (Judging by the size and health of most of America.) The interests of big food today are not the interests of your body's health. Compare:
Big Food value #1

Shelf life. Once-real food is now irradiated and subjected to extreme heat which kills all the vitamins and enzymes. The chemicals so distort the food molecules that they're not usable by our bodies. But hey, it has shelf life and looks good.
Can your body survive big food's value #1?

A body can't process 'shelf-lifed' food. It wants real food. Translation: Fresh. Clean. Not genetically mutilated. With its vitamins and nutrients intact. Available from local farmers in most cities in the US.
If your body is in great shape, no need to change anything. If it isn't, consider doing something novel for it: real food.

Why follow the crowd? Do they look that good to you?

So be weird. Think different. Do different.

2,500 years ago, here's what a revered religious leader told his followers:
"Do not take anything on 'authority'. Nor blindly believe it because the government or your teacher said it. Instead, test ideas and actions yourself, and when you know they lead to harm or ill, abandon them. If you know they lead to benefit or happiness, adopt them. Be lamps unto yourselves."-Buddha.
Look in the (full length) mirror. Has big food harmed you or benefited you? Will you continue to trust them?

---Extreme Regime Weight Control program registration for Auditors ends next Thursday, 6PM, July 10. Class (starts Sat, July 12)is full. Auditor spots available here.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Extreme Regime call up; Announcing Auditor Option

ER intro call of 6.28.08 with Dr. Heidi here. 60 minutes. Give it time to download. It plays in QuickTime and most media players. iPod, too.

The July Extreme Regime (ER) weight control program is full. Because of the amount of interest, we will have an Auditor section available.

Here's what you get as an Auditor:
1. Attend the five weekly group calls (About 60 minutes each)
2. Get the handouts (PDFs emailed to you)

Topics for the weekly ER group calls and handouts include:

* General Principles and features of the Extreme Regime plan and approach to weight loss, that are applicable to all participants.

* On a limited budget, what should you buy organic, to enhance weight loss?

* Three real dairy options for lactose intolerant folks

* Three ways to reduce or eliminate digestive upsets like reflux, heartburn, IBS, gas and bloating, or constipation, while losing weight.

* How to stock your fridge and pantry with real food weight loss staples.

* How to prepare real food as quickly as you can go to McDonalds.
Naked auditor option: $55. Sign up here

Naked auditor + 2 Boxes Pops: $95. Sign up here

More info here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Did the Surgeon General get it wrong about weight?

A few months ago, I posted this survey:

Who's got it right about weight?
1. "Overweight and obesity result from excess calorie consumption and/or inadequate physical activity." -U.S. Surgeon General


2. "Most studies comparing normal and overweight people suggest that those who are overweight eat fewer calories than those of normal weight."
- National Academy of Sciences, Diet and Health.
So which is it? Do overweight people eat more or less than normal weight ones?

Results so far here.

What's the right answer?

You might be surprised to learn this answer to the debate here (one page mini report). I was.
(Warning: this research report was prepared by Dr. Heidi, a nutritionist and nutrition professor who happens also to have designed a whole food multi for the start-up I own part of. This stunning research is unrelated to that product. These findings and beliefs on weight are based on her life's work in health and nutrition.)