Thursday, July 3, 2008

Extreme Regime call up; Announcing Auditor Option

ER intro call of 6.28.08 with Dr. Heidi here. 60 minutes. Give it time to download. It plays in QuickTime and most media players. iPod, too.

The July Extreme Regime (ER) weight control program is full. Because of the amount of interest, we will have an Auditor section available.

Here's what you get as an Auditor:
1. Attend the five weekly group calls (About 60 minutes each)
2. Get the handouts (PDFs emailed to you)

Topics for the weekly ER group calls and handouts include:

* General Principles and features of the Extreme Regime plan and approach to weight loss, that are applicable to all participants.

* On a limited budget, what should you buy organic, to enhance weight loss?

* Three real dairy options for lactose intolerant folks

* Three ways to reduce or eliminate digestive upsets like reflux, heartburn, IBS, gas and bloating, or constipation, while losing weight.

* How to stock your fridge and pantry with real food weight loss staples.

* How to prepare real food as quickly as you can go to McDonalds.
Naked auditor option: $55. Sign up here

Naked auditor + 2 Boxes Pops: $95. Sign up here

More info here.

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