Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do sugar-free and diet products make you look fat?

Secret: Sugar-free low-calorie products may make you look uh, fatter.
Remember: weight (that nobody wants) = fat that's been stored and water that's been retained.
OK here's the scoop.

Sugar-free, low calorie sweeteners typically use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, splenda or saccharin. (Read the label on anything lo-cal, sugar-free or diet - as in diet cookies- before you open your mouth.)

And here's how they make you look fatter, according to Dr. Heidi (creator of the the ER weight control program):
"When an artificial sweetener gets into your blood stream, your immune system's alarms go off. Among other things, your body starts retaining water.

"The water is used to escort the toxins out of your body, but often they get lodged in your tissue. Your body wants to flush the toxins, but when they don't go, your body continues to retain the water. Which makes it look fat and puffy.

"Ergo, the more artificial sweeteners you put in your mouth, the more water your body retains to protect you from the risk of toxic effects. And the fatter you look. The body's reaction to artificial sweeteners is also a cause of ugly cellulite."
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Robin Plan said...

Kim I read a while back about artificial sweeteners and how they make our liver work harder to rid the toxins while adding more fat to our body.

I'm all for detoxing and keeping my body toxin free. Thanks to Dr. Heidi I'm learning how to do it.


Jeff Iversen said...

Not only do they make you look fat, but two different studies from the University of Texas Health Science Center and Purdue University show that when we ingest artificial sugars, they could also contribute to actual weight GAIN. Click on the following article to read about these studies.

Diet Soda Makes You Fat

Anonymous said...

So, if I'm craving sugar, take more of the Green pop?

Anonymous said...

Just one more reason to avoid artificial sweeteners. I found it interesting too about the cellulite. thanks for posting about this Kim.
I'm going to post about it and link to your post from my blog too

Stella Ardire said...

Hi Kim,
Great info! Interesting about cellulite.
I have been using Stevia, a natural plant sweetener, for several years now. I believe it can be found in the larger health food stores. Too bad the major soda companies, except one, are into using Aspertame. The other one uses Splenda, not much differnce as both are artificial. Does Dr Heidi have any comments about Stevia?
ps My x worked at GD Searle (as a Parmacutical Rep.)at the time one of their chemists accidently invented it.

divamentors said...

Hmmm interesting when you consider so much of the diet soda's are consumed with fries and mcDinners Blech!
Thanks for the interesting post Kim. I found this thread by following a post on Robin's blog ... and well you know how the web goes! LOL

At any rate, you’ve got some really great info here. I would love it if you would you consider adding your blog to the Be Naturally Well community?
I think the people who visit me would get a lot from your posts as well!
Here’s the link if you would like to be a part of this new community.

Many Blessings,