Thursday, July 31, 2008

A weird appetite suppressant: Truth or Dare?

The era of weird eating is here. It is ER (Extreme Regime).
The current poster child for the August ER class, Carol R, dropped 16 pounds in 16 days see here, and 4 inches from her waist. She does not exercise and has a sedentary desk job 5 days a week. "I've changed my eating habits forever," she reports.
I am so keen on the results of this for myself and folks I know that I'm out here like a wild person promoting it. ER is an extreme (and healthy) weight control program dreamed up by my old friend and nutrition professor, Dr. Heidi.

I am betting that ER will change your idea of eating today and for years to come.

It is weird, though. Nothing like the usual processed foods or industrial feedlot processed meat. ER is not for the faint of heart.

Here's a weird (and free) ER appetite suppressant tip. I dare you to try it.
You're sitting down at a restaurant. The waiter brings out the warm bread and butter.

Take some butter (say a pat or so).

Do not touch the bread.

Eat the butter. Alone. Let it melt in your mouth.
Wait about 10 seconds.

Check appetite.

Repeat if necessary.

If you have not gagged at the idea of butter alone, you'll notice a difference in your hunger level almost immediately. I did. Vicki did. Anna Jean did. Dozens of others did.

Try it. Report back.

September ER is almost full. It's a 5-week personalized program to help you look good again. And have that old energy back. For good. No rabbit food. No extra exercise required.

Told you this was weird.

Here's an intro call from Dr. Heidi (about 45 minutes). If you want in for the September ER weirdness, the options are here. (Warning: very expensive.)

Want to chat about ER? Email me: kimklaver[at]mac.[dot]com ([at]=@ [dot]=.)


Angela Brooks said...

LOL... your on. I will try this... however I feel a little quesey thinking about the butter over the roll.

Sandy B said...


About eating just the butter, I have done it now twice (just today at a luncheon, as a matter of fact) and find that I am not interested in the bread, even if others are eating it. It really works and I love the taste of the butter!

And about my ER experience...I have already lost 6 pounds. I am happy with my weight loss and have not felt deprived at all. At least the scales are going down now, for the first time in years.

I average about 2 pounds a week loss, and Dr. Heidi says that is a very healthy loss.

Thanks for the tips,

Sandy B

Anna Jean said...

If you are having trouble with the idea of eating butter, think of it as though you are eating an ounce or two of chocolate. I told Dr. Heidi I was thinking about putting some brown food coloring in the butter.

The other suppressant for me is a teaspoon or two of cream, so good!

Anna Jean