Saturday, July 5, 2008

Did we trust too much?

Most of us are too busy to pay attention to more than a few things, and for the rest, we trust. We must. No time.

When it comes to food, we may have trusted too much. (Judging by the size and health of most of America.) The interests of big food today are not the interests of your body's health. Compare:
Big Food value #1

Shelf life. Once-real food is now irradiated and subjected to extreme heat which kills all the vitamins and enzymes. The chemicals so distort the food molecules that they're not usable by our bodies. But hey, it has shelf life and looks good.
Can your body survive big food's value #1?

A body can't process 'shelf-lifed' food. It wants real food. Translation: Fresh. Clean. Not genetically mutilated. With its vitamins and nutrients intact. Available from local farmers in most cities in the US.
If your body is in great shape, no need to change anything. If it isn't, consider doing something novel for it: real food.

Why follow the crowd? Do they look that good to you?

So be weird. Think different. Do different.

2,500 years ago, here's what a revered religious leader told his followers:
"Do not take anything on 'authority'. Nor blindly believe it because the government or your teacher said it. Instead, test ideas and actions yourself, and when you know they lead to harm or ill, abandon them. If you know they lead to benefit or happiness, adopt them. Be lamps unto yourselves."-Buddha.
Look in the (full length) mirror. Has big food harmed you or benefited you? Will you continue to trust them?

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Paul Eilers said...

It's all about the money, even when it comes to food. Your health is secondary.

Here's what another great leader once said, "Trust, but verify." - Ronald Reagan

Pam Pappas said...


I've been working with Dr. Heidi for the last month on my own health and weight issues -- and know for sure I have been asleep at the wheel.

I thought I ate a reasonably healthy diet, but over the years have become one of those you're talking about who don't look so good. In grammar school I inspired chants of, "Fatty Fatty 2 by 4, can't get through the bathroom door." That was humilating enough. But more recently in my stress-packed life with no time for anything but work, I slid into the habit of frozen dinners like Lean Cuisine, etc -- with a dollop of menopause on top.

The result?

Obesity, fatigue, poor concentration, depression -- a challening pupil for Dr. Heidi to re-educate. I had left my health to the whims of food companies! It was only because I didn't have time (or thought I didn't) to pay more than cursory attention to labels, or to learn better habits. The funny thing is, I know a LOT about nutrition, just not how it applies to me. :-)

Dr. Heidi is a good coach, and suggests ways your body can regroup and develop some metabolism. While working with her I also confirmed that my thyroid isn't working well -- so that has added to the challenge. She has stuck with me anyway, and I have been releasing inches and pounds. It's happening slowly, but that's okay with me. This is total reformulation of body and mind we're talking about.

In the grocery store checkout line yesterday, the clerk and bagger wanted to know what all the fuss was about organic stuff anyway. "Is it really that much different, besides being expensive?" Oh, my gosh, I thought. I told them, "Well, non-organic is fine if you don't mind antibiotics, exogenous hormones, pesticides, and probably some other unidentified stuff in your food." Their eyes were blank, uncomprehending. We are truly a nation in trance.

Fortunately, Dr. Heidi and a host of other nutritional experts I've been reading have woken me up. Real food for me, these days.

Hopefully in a few months, the changes on the outside will match those happening within.

Best wishes,

Carol Raynor said...

I am so excited about this program. And yes, we do trust too much. I'm ready for some serious knowledge and weight loss.

Patsy said...

Wonderful thinking!