Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weight Food Contest: Win an Auditor spot in Dr. Heidi's ER program

Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Weight Control program starts this Saturday. First team call is 12:30ET (9:30AM PT) Last day to register: Tomorrow before 6PM PT. (Auditors only.)

She's giving away two Auditor spots tonight.

1. $95 auditor spot with Pops (see here)
2. $55 naked auditor spot (see here)
To win: You have to be in the first five to get the answers to the two questions below right AND explain your reason for your choice in the comments below. Then we'll pick two winners.
The ER auditor winner gets:
1. Access to the five live group ER calls (about an hour each) starting this SAT and for the next 4 Saturdays after that. Yes, we will have MP3s available.

2. Copies of the handouts for these sessions (PDFs) with tips on how to change what you eat, rather than how much you eat.

3. Access to the video food demos Dr. Heidi's doing for the program.
[NOTE: The main ER program is full for July. Full participants get all the private sessions and their personal biochemical profiles in addition to the above. We may have another four-week ER program in late August.]

The contest:

Vote for the one item in each list below the one you believe does NOT sabotage weight loss. (Everyone can do that.) To play in the contest, use the comments below and EXPLAIN why you chose each one in the list that you chose.

We'll pick two who get it right, and announce the winners tomorrow before NOON PT.

Results so far here.



VIBEworks said...

Coconut oil and avocado don't sabotage because they are good oils with loads of good omega 3s.


Robin Plan said...

Coconut oil is a very healthy oil. I started giving it to my dogs 2 years ago after doing some research on it. I know it helps in weight loss.

Part two was a little harder for me. I picked Grapefruit. No certain reason it just seemed to make more sense compared to the other choices. I know Avocado has good fats but it needs to be eaten with protein.

This is some test, glad you posted it.


Carol Raynor said...

I choose coconut oil (believe it is a good oil) and yogurt (because of the good enzymes). But hey, I'm enrolled in the class because I don't know the right answers.

Suzanne said...


I chose apples and grapefruit. My reasoning is that even though these both have carbs, they are complex carbs and provide fiber. Complex carbs release energy slowly and fiber helps people feel full.

Anonymous said...

I chose coconut oil, because I heard that farmers originally gave it to cows to fatten them up, but instead they built muscle and got lean:) I also chose grapefruit because it's so good for you:)

Pam Pappas said...

Coconut oil is a saturated, medium chain fat which is relatively easy for the liver to process, and which actually uses up energy when metabolized. It even has a somewhat thermogenic effect, meaning it raises body temperature, boosting your energy and metabolic rate. In these ways, coconut oil can act as a weight-loss agent. That's why I said coconut oil wouldn't destroy a weight-loss diet.

Avocados, in comparison to the yogurt, grapefruit, honey, and whole wheat cracker choices contains more healthy monounsaturated fat and much less carbohydrate. Carbohydrates can sabotage weight loss because they evoke insulin secretion, which leads to fat storage rather than burning as metabolic fuel. So out of the choices listed, avocados are the least damaging for weight loss, even though they are high in "fat".

Annette said...

I vote for pinto beans and grapefruit. First, they are both low glycemic foods so they don't affect blood sugar and induce cravings. Secondly, pinto beans are full of fiber and also have protein. Grapefruit is full of vitamin c, antioxidant properties and pectin fiber making it a good fruit choice.

Michele Curtin said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say pinto beans because they are high in fiber and can count as a protein and a carb serving at the same time.

Also, grapefruit because it is low in calories, high in fiber and tastes really good.

I agree with the comments about the healthy oils and yet know from my own experience that a healthy, high calorie food is still a high calorie food. It should not be eaten with wild abandon just because it is healthy.

Dean said...

Pinto Beans - High in fiber and protein low glycemic
Plain yogurt - Helps with good flora and provides protein

Suzanne said...

These are all interesting comments! I thought back to my original answer and wondered if I'd gotten it correct then.

I know coconut oil is supposed to be better than other fats, and the fats in avocados are healthy fats, but I didn't choose those because no matter how healthy they are, they are still high calorie and high in fats.

Having thought back to Dr. Heidi's intro call to the ER program, however, I remember her talking about coconut oil and her dare to Kim to eat the butter and what Kim said happened when she did eat the butter.

Being from the Caribbean, I also thought back to us drinking coconut milk and eating the jelly. Since the oil comes from the same source, and our Jamaican forbears used to be pretty healthy, I assume it can't be that bad for you, and may help in weight loss.

So...I am on the fence. I don't know whether to change my answer from apples and grapefruits to coconut milk and avocados.

Guess that's not going to help with this contest. :-)

Maria said...

I am a person who wants to lose weight. In considering all the health benefits of coconut oil, the one that means the most to me is it's ability to help increase ones metabolism.
Avocados not only taste great, but they contain healthy fat which we need if we want to lose weight. They also give us vitamins and minerals, have no starch, and are very low sugar.
Since coconut oil and avocados can actually help support ones weight loss efforts and not sabotage them, they get my vote.

Harry said...

Cconut oil and avocado both have healthy fats that we need along with the protein to maintain metabolisim and nutrition necessary for long term weight loss.

Dean said...

NO winners?

Carol Raynor said...

Hurry Kim - the suspense is driving me to chocolate - lol!

Kim Klaver said...

Carol - Winners are up!