Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Did the Surgeon General get it wrong about weight?

A few months ago, I posted this survey:

Who's got it right about weight?
1. "Overweight and obesity result from excess calorie consumption and/or inadequate physical activity." -U.S. Surgeon General


2. "Most studies comparing normal and overweight people suggest that those who are overweight eat fewer calories than those of normal weight."
- National Academy of Sciences, Diet and Health.
So which is it? Do overweight people eat more or less than normal weight ones?

Results so far here.

What's the right answer?

You might be surprised to learn this answer to the debate here (one page mini report). I was.
(Warning: this research report was prepared by Dr. Heidi, a nutritionist and nutrition professor who happens also to have designed a whole food multi for the start-up I own part of. This stunning research is unrelated to that product. These findings and beliefs on weight are based on her life's work in health and nutrition.)

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