Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Take charge. Take a bribe.

Have you been mulling over trying out the new whole food multi, the Pops?

Some of you may not know that the designer of that product, Dr. Heidi Dulay, has been a weight specialist (and now a nutrition professor) for the last 15 years. That's why we had her design the Pops to begin with - her life long interest in health and nutrition.

Anyway, she's offering an unusual weight control program, Extreme Regime.
It's a four week individualized program. All with real food. No starving, counting or fake sugars like Splenda
I've known her for over 30 years. She is the picture of health and energy. I've long wanted to introduce you to her popular weight control program, and this is the perfect opportunity.
Extreme Regime is a four week individualized weight control program. Designed for people who want to go fast. It's normally $445 (see here). You do it from home - with Dr. Heidi as your coach.
She has 4 unique specials. See them here.

Registration for August session (which starts mid August) is now underway. (July Extreme Regime is filled.)

Are you sick of starving, counting and getting nowhere?


You may register for the August program here now. 12 only.

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