Friday, June 13, 2008

It Ain't Me, and I'm Sorry

In this 5:01 minute video, Elsie the cow tells her side of the raw milk controversy.

Milk drinkers: Did you know this? Will you make any changes in what you buy or don't?


Rich Lee said...

so where does soy milk fit in to the equation? is it better than raw milk or just an equal alternative?

Mary Nolan said...

Well.. I certainly learned a LOT here about the source of the misinformation re the contamination and pasturization of milk.
And on the heels of that is the homogenization of milk... in my opinion.. one of the great scourges of the last century and has caused much of the heart problems we have here in the U S .
Thanks, Kim and Dr. Heidi.
I always KNEW that raw milk was good for me and bought it for years from farmers here in KS, but it got harder and harder to find and I drove great distances to find it. and as I wanted it as fresh as possible that was very often.

When I lived in the mts of Central Mexico for a decade, I went to the country and bought goat's milk and drank it (delicious!) and made great yogurt from it.
Many other countries are soooo far ahead of us in areas of nutrition and alternative ways of healing etc... even some 3rd world countries...and it's harder and harder to practice what we KNOW is good for us!

Yes, whole food and organic food is one of the big and important answers for me.
BUT... wouldnt it be nice to be able to make our own decisions re what we drink and eat?
As always, Kim, thanks for your great generosity in giving of yourself to provide us with things which make us THINK!
Mary Nolan

Kim Klaver said...

Rich...I asked Dr. Heidi to reply to your question: where does soy milk fit into the equation?"

Here's her email to me:


"I once thought soy milk was the cat's meow. I was vegan then and the research on soy was in its infancy.

I've now been persuaded that soy milk is, at best, inferior to raw cow's milk or raw goat's milk (its amino acid profile is incomplete), and may even be detrimental to health - especially to the thyroid, reproductive organs and the brain.

This is primarily because of the way soy milk, or soy in general, is consumed in this country - as a replacement for animal milk or animal protein (rather than as an accompaniment to animal food, as it is in Asia, e.g. tofu in fish broth), and in relatively large quantities.

Also, most soy milk in the US is highly processed -- most of the nutrients are processed out of it and remnants of the chemicals used in the processing remain in the milk.

Here is an article on the soy controversy by highly respected researcher and nutritionist Dr Mary Enig who also cites other research studies.

Here's the Tiny URL for it:

I now drink raw cow's milk and use goat whey protein.



Heidi Dulay, EdD, NC
Private practice:
Adjunct Professor, JFKU Holistic Health Education, Pleasant Hill, CA
VP Product Development

Kim Klaver said...


Thanks for the good words. You write: "it's harder and harder to practice what we KNOW is good for us!"

Amen. Our system is just too controlled by the big business interests that seem to control what is legislated. They say it's "health" but we all know it's to protect existing business which give $ to the legislators.

The Internet offers transparency and when we shine some light on the source of this anticompetitive legislation, disguised as health measures, it might get changed.


Then we can eat and easily get what we think is good for us. Not what THEY say is good for us - and sell to us.

Carol Raynor said...

I knew it wasn't you Elsie. Sorry for what they have done to you and your reputation. We will redeem your good name.

Thanks for posting such great information.