Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How real is your food?

"Food-like substances" is what Omnivore's Dilemma author Michael Pollan calls most of what we eat. All the stuff that comes in the fancy wrappers and boxes. The stuff sold in the center aisles of your local food market.

Even food that was once real (from animals and plants) has lost most of its health-giving value.

Here's the real chicken broth test:

Big food must give everything shelf-life and a glam job. So they mix in chemicals, preservatives and additives. They refine it. They top it off with fake sugars, fake fats and fake flavors to make it taste like the real thing. Then they tout the synthetic vitamins they added back in, after processing out the real thing.

It's not real food anymore. That's why you're hungry an hour later.

Here's todays "How real is your food?" question:
How can you tell if your chicken broth is more than yellow, artificially flavored, warm water?
One cooking aficionado said he threw out his broth when he saw what we now know is the sign of health-giving chicken broth . He didn't know. He was mortified.
60-second video tells all: (If it give you a "no longer available" message try again a little later. They are inundated, I guess.)

Excerpted from the Real Fast Food for Paupers videos here.

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