Monday, June 16, 2008

How to make chicken-back broth in 10 minutes

And get a super source of natural calcium. See how below.

This is 12 minute demo done for's a QuickTime video.

Here it is You Tube:

PART 1 (7 minutes) (If it give you a "no longer available" message try again a little later. They are inundated, I guess.)

Part 2 (5.5 minutes)


Robin Plan said...

This is so cool and the extra tips about salt, calcium and fats was great.

Yvonne said...

That is SO interesting. I can't wait to make some of that tasty chicken broth. I had not heard of using apple cider vinegar, but will do that. Also the info about salt, calcium and chicken fat was very helpful. I want to know more about her brief comment of not using olive oil - had not heard that it could be harmful?

Narjis said...

For Yvonne:

It is not that olive oil is harmful, it is cooking with it. The heat from cooking changes olive oil like any other vegetable oil making it bad for you.