Sunday, June 8, 2008

Surprise about Raw Milk...

I thought I knew a lot about health, being a fitness nut all my life.

But I've discovered some things - actually many things - I had wrong.

Here's something I believed about raw milk...

P.S. I am planning a little series of these to introduce Dr. Heidi's nutritional information to those who've decided to take charge of their health.

I'll include some whole-food fast food suggestions, quick cooking demos for busy people, plus how to shop and spot the least toxic but best tasting products for you and your family.

There's more to getting your health back than popping pills, even if it IS the whole food multi she designed, the Pops.


Robin Plan said...

Kim and Dr. Heidi - This is so fun and educational.

Thanks and I look forward to many more videos.


Here's my post from this one;

Ashley said...

Very cool! Looking fwd to more videos. So, why do dairy farmers drink raw milk?

I know that raw milk is better for you...but, we give our daughter Goat's milk. And, since she's so tiny (young) we do pasteurized for now...until she's older. That - and we can't afford raw goat's milk!

Kim Klaver said...

Robin - thanks for the good words. ALWAYS appreciated. Next one coming up Friday this week.

Ashley - The reason - in the next mini video. I hope to surprise you, too.

Yvonne said...

We started drinking raw milk about a year ago. All I had ever heard in my 53 years was that pasteurization was what made milk healthy. Not true! The raw milk is delicious and I love that it has live enzymes that contribute to good health!

monica said...

I lived on a farm and drank raw milk. Tasted better too. Thanks for informing the world about raw milk.