Thursday, July 10, 2008

Winner of the weight food contest

OK here goes. These are the winners of the weight food contest posted here.

First, here are the two foods out of the ten listed above, that do NOT sabotage weight loss. Dr. Heidi also tells why:
1. Coconut oil
- Has no carbs
- Its fat composition promotes weight loss - medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) which raise metabolism, energy and body temperature. More than any other fat.

2. Avocado
- Has relatively few net carbs (carbs minus fiber)
- Its high fat content is all real fats, which do not cause weight gain. Instead, the fat in avocado satisfies hunger, prevents urges to eat the wrong things, and prevents a drop in metabolism.
TWO first prize winners ($95 ER Auditor plus 2 Pops whole food multis)

Pam and Maria - who got the foods and detailed reasons right.

TWO second prizes ($55 ER naked Auditor spot)

Harry got the foods and the general reasons right.
Sandi got the foods right and the reason partly right; however, coconut oil and avocado are not sources of omega 3s. they have other kinds of fats that promote weight loss.

The other foods listed have benefits which many contestants pointed out. However, massive new re-analyses of years of weight research demonstrates that they sabotage weight loss for most people, because they're carby.
Winners: Email me at kimklaver[at]mac[dot]com. [at] = @ and [dot] = . I will send you the info to get into the first Extreme Regime (ER) group lecture, which starts this SAT at 12:30PM ET, 9:30AM PT.

And the two first place winners ALSO get some Pops - new whole food multis. So include your email, address and phone #.
Thanks to ALL for playing. There are some very big changes underfoot in the world of weight foods, and I'll post tidbits as we go. Weight loss is NOT obtained through calorie counting nor limited portions. And exercise has much less to do with weight loss than previously believed.

But of course everyone struggling their weight already knew that, but the "authorities" don't get it - yet.

Yep, weird and strange things are being discovered in the weight food underground.

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Pam Pappas said...

Thanks, Kim. I look forward to the Extreme Regime calls!

Y'know, I just came from a doctor who told me she didn't think there was any difference between whole food multis and synthetic ones. As you know, I'm wanting to gather info that such people will take note of. She liked my Dr. Heidi food plan that eliminates starches, bread, sugars, and pasta for people like me -- but didn't know as much about good fats beyond fish oil. This is a doctor who's very well-versed in nutrition and functional medicine, to boot. So all I'm learning these days educates many more people than me alone. :-) I think another focus of Pops or related products could be cutting down on inflammation, because this is an inciting cause for many chronic illnesses.

Best wishes,