Saturday, September 19, 2009

We choose YOU over a billboard

Online shopping annoyance

Do you grumble when you get to the checkout and suddenly see the extra shipping cost tacked on? For years I just accepted it. Like everybody else, I figured, well, SOMEbody has to pay UPS right?

They do. But it doesn't have to be you.

Starting today, "We Pay Shipping for You" (in the US and Canada) is in effect for the whole food multi - Pops, and the new whole food source vitamin B-Complex - Big B.

Ha! you sniff: What's the catch? Why are you doing this? Did you add to the price to cover?
Last week a light went on. We suddenly realized that whatever marketing money we might spend on a billboard, or on traffic generation programs, well, we can use that instead to pay the UPS man for you.

Because. We were blind to tradition - that's the way things are done online. But not anymore. Phew!We love you way more than strangers we don't even know. This is one small way we've finally figured out to show you we are grateful you buy the whole food based vitamins that we've designed ourselves and use ourselves. (Dr. Heidi designed and I get to use, hehehe.)
So that's the story and I'm sticking to it.

Have you experienced having Whole Food Nation pay shipping for YOU yet?

Whole food multi - Pops here,
Whole food source vitamin B-Complex - Big B here.


Bryant said...

Briliant! But then I've come to expect that of you.

Mary Nolan said...

Kim...A simply great idea! I just dreaded to see that shipping amount come up!.
Thanks soo much.
Now, also with the price reduction, I will be able to, once again, get the BIG B!!
I just love that drink.. I just stir it in a bit of water and as it is going down I feel the good things it is doing for me..
I don't put it in a shake with a bunch of other stuff anymore because I miss that great taste and that feeling!
And we all know that those Bs nourish and strengthen our nervous systems.. and who among us doesn't need to take special care of that especially now!
Thanks again, Kim.
Mary... soon to be from CT..

Carol Raynor said...

I was just getting ready to order some more Big B. Have to say, I was waiting for the catch. Truly a pleasant surprise. Thanks for the "giving" spirit coming out. Now I can order more.

Ann Carter said...

Love the POPS and can't think of any reason not to use your Big B.
I've been taking B-Complex tablets recommended by my hair-cutter to combat thinning hair - and it's a miracle product, so yours is bound to do everything else too :-) :-)
Thanks for all you do for us -- you're the best. Hi to Gwen too.

Robin said...

Thank you Kim

All three of us in my family use the Big and Pops so we go through it pretty fast. The reduced price and you paying shipping is a great gift to us so THANKS!

Rik said...

Awesome just getting ready to order more POPs you are a trend setter.
Thanks Kim