Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ER Eating Coach?

ER Eating for fat burn and looking good again.

We're building a network of ER Eating Schools. Wanna help?

Some of you may know that Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program has been an extraordinary success. I've been living her ER eating cycles for over ten years, and I know it's why I can run 5 miles a day and look as good as I do (same size I was in college - 8).

So we're planning to expand it. Well, I am. Looking into how to do it. Some ideas:
ER Eating Coaches. Some of her ER grads have signed up for the first ER Fat Burn Certification program starting later this month. That will enable them, if they want, to become ER Eating Coaches. And get paid for it. Or they can just get depth and authority in something they love already (having done it.) Or they can understand the many factors underlying their success in losing weight/overcoming symptoms, cravings, etc.
In addition, we'll be seeking out:
ER Eating Program Directors - folks to help us build a network of ER Eating schools. Whose teachers will be the ER Eating Coaches. Program to be delivered online, CDs and over the phone (like now). Program Directors are people like me who like building a service business that offers success training in ER Eating and character development.
Prerequisite for ER Eating Coaches. Must be a graduate of the 3-cycle ER Eating program (Fat Burn, Detox and Coasting.) Live or multi-media version of the programs. A live Fat Burn starts this Fall, and the multi-media version is available right now. See here for surprise info. Must love teaching ER Eating to folks who are ready for a life change in the eating and weight department.

Prerequisite for ER Eating Program Directors: Gotta love sales and marketing, and setting up good customer service and training programs. Folks who can and want to help us build a network of ER Eating schools. Online. On the phone. One school at a time.

Email me here if you're interested and we can get down and dirty on what it takes and why you think you could make a success of it.

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