Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Have you checked your vitamins today?

Confession. I am the marketing hancho for the Pops, a whole food daily multi with 77 ingredients. Here's why.
Get out your bottle of daily vitamins. Hold that label up to the light and get out the magnifying glass.
I bet you’re taking a synthetic vitamin, like most everyone else. Here's why to think twice about that:

3 Studies

#1. Study using synthetic beta carotene and Vitamin E halted.

29,000 male smokers were given synthetic beta carotene and synthetic Vitamin E. The study was stopped when rates of lung cancer, heart attacks and death increased. - New England Journal of Medicine, 1994

#2. Birth defects increased for women on synthetic supplements
22,000 pregnant women were given synthetic Vitamin A. The study was halted because birth defects increased 400%. - New England Journal of Medicine, 1995

#3. Men get thickened arteries on synthetic supplements.
Men who took 500 mg of synthetic Vitamin C daily over 18 months showed signs of thickening of the arteries. - Reuters Health, March, 2000

Are your vitamins synthetic too?

Here's how to tell - (the original white paper exposing this) It's baaad.
Check out the label of a popular synthetic multivitamin seen on TV here. (Scroll down a bit)
Dr. Heidi's not the only one who knows the risk of synthetic vitamins. See here and here.

P.S. In case...the whole food Pops are here. The 77 ingredients here.

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