Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Are you dieting backwards?

Dr. Heidi's next ER Fat Burn Program is open for registration here.

Here's the standard approach with most diets. Start with two things:
1. Restrict (count) your calories.

2. Exercise an hour a day.
But this, argues Dr. Heidi, is doing it backwards.
If your body isn't burning fat like it should, with its own fat burning furnace, you need to first get your body healthy enough - with a nutritional eating program - to start burning fat again. Once you have your body working on the inside, THEN do some exercise. Plus when your body is healthy again, you can more easily become aware of how much of the different foods it takes to satisfy you.
Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn program requires no exercise for that first 5 week program. Fine if you do, fine if you don't. And no counting anything, no starvation. The opposite of the status quo.
And guess what - her Extreme Regime Fat Burn program has been unusually successful. Most folks lose weight and keep it off. And many ailments just disappear. And after that, people just WANT to start exercising - because their bodies feel healthier from the inside out.
A new cycle of the ER Fat Burn program starts March 14. You can hear Dr. Heidi describe what you get here. For the scanners, here are the steps in the ER Fat Burn program:
1. Adjust your attitude: You are NOT NOT NOT on a diet. You're a detective, looking for the key to your fat burning furnace...

2. Select your fat burning foods (all healthy, no toxic or artificial stuff) and make your meal models for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

3. Learn which super foods amp up fat burn and good nutrition

4. Learn how to deal with cravings, digestive problems and elimination issues, and possible detoxing reactions from switching to good nutritious foods.

5. Make a shopping list from the big ER food Guide, and go forage - some easy to get, some you get online, some you forage for. Lots of tips and cool sources on the ER member Forum

6. Get some basic knowledge about how to prepare your food prep basics. Tips and cooking demos.

7. Take your beginning tracker data (online forms avail 24/7).

8. Learn how to eat (and how to order) in restaurants and bars without looking like a weirdo

9. Learn what to do when you're traveling so you're not tempted by the purveyors of bad food.

10. Learn how to enjoy celebrations - guilt free.
Once your body is stabilized and your energy is up again (at least adequate) THEN think about movement, and adjust the quality of food that satisfies you.

P.S. Dr. Heidi's approach is NOT based on a crime and punishment model.
"You have sinned by eating more than you burn up because you've been a pig and a lazy one at that. Now you will pay the price. You will go hungry and count every calorie you put in your mouth. And you will exercise even if it hurts and makes you tired and more hungry."
Dr. Heidi's approach is based totally on awareness and education. Most people already punish themselves enough for their overweight state. Most people already know what "bad" and fattening foods are. So it's a question of knowing alternatives and learning to have them appear at the moment of temptation for the old habits. That's what folks learn. Their own awareness is the driver, not punishment fro some authority who lays guilt trips on you.

You can watch Dr. Heidi describe the program here. You want in? There is still time to start on your new body with the gang starting March 14. Register on the same page.

3 comments: said...

I get the idea that the ER Fat Burn is a way to kick start your metabolism again.

I also like the idea of flexibility and being able to eat out, without fear of repercussions or messing up your weight loss goals.

Diets don't work. It is a lifestyle change that produces long-term results.

In addition, make sure you enjoy the way you are exercising. Otherwise, you'll quit doing that too.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Robin said...

Hi Kim,

I have to thank Dr. Heidi again for helping me lose the baby belly fat. And the biggy, I was able to stop smoking during one of the ER cycles without gaining weight!

Love ya Dr. Heidi.


Carol Raynor said...

I was amazed NOT to be on a "diet" AND lose 34 pounds AND not exercise. I highly recommend this program to anyone who believes they have tried everything to lose weight and feels they have failed.

I was desperate when I first started - not any more.