Thursday, March 12, 2009

7 Good Foods that Make You Fat

There are lists of best foods to lose weight, and worst foods to lose weight. Hundreds of them, all different.

However, did you know there are "good foods" that keep you fat? We call them bad good weight loss foods.

People who consume the bad good foods are among the most frustrated of all. Because, they'll say, I don't eat fast food like before, or white bread. I eat brown rice now. And, I drink only skim milk. And only half a sandwich at lunch, and oatmeal for breakfast instead of pancakes.

But they're not losing. And they likely won't.

Brown rice, explains Dr. Heidi, prevents fat burning. So does skim milk (!?!). So does oatmeal and cereal. In the little video below, Dr. Heidi explains why, and what to do about it. The extraordinary fat burn program that she refers to (and that is mentioned at the end of the vid below) is here.

Click here to see the "Bad Good Foods" video while It's uploading to this blog.

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