Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is your pick-me-up killing you?

Old: Stimulants. (Caffeine, sugar, sodas, especially Jolt-types)

They give a quick high.

Then comes the crash. Requiring another round.
Stimulants get expensive. And fattening. And after 4-5 of those Lattes, we get a headache. Then we can't sleep. That's when things get dangerous.
But we need that lift.

New: metabolic boosters.
They give a confident lift, and no crash or other scary side effects.

Have you heard about them?

These "uppers" won't exhaust your body or keep you up at night.

Dr. Heidi will show you 8 metabolic boosters Thursday eve, July 16. (OK here's one.)

5:30pm PT; 6:30pm MT; 7:30pm CT; 8:30pm ET

(712) 429-0700 Caller pin 664114#

P.S. The metabolic boosters are just eight of the 55 nutrients in the Purple Pops. Recession prices in effect until further notice.

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