Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One solution...go back to real food

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One solution, not tied to any ideology (nor to any pills, drinks or packaged food program): Go back to real food. You can go back to real food on your own, too, with a little guidance. Just know it is definitely the path less traveled.
And the change to real food...well that's something the 40 ER Fat Burners (class full, sorry) are doing now. And guess what:
The biggest surprise, re real food, that Er Fat Burners all got?

That they have to forage for real food. It's not readily available - even in their health food stores.

Amazingly, most can't stop talking about how they love foraging for real food, driving 2-3 hours just to pick it up. (!) Foraging has become a loved outing for many of these folks, who are too busy to think straight most of the time.
Here's what else happens when a body gets ER real food:
1. Real food's magic has, in 2 weeks, reduced one's gent's cravings for ice cream from a 10 (gotta have it) to 0 (!). He's never hungry or longing for it, or cranky because he doesn't have it. He turned it down when his wife offered him some last night, even. Oh. He also lost 13 lbs in the first two weeks, and sits at his computer all day.

2. One lady changed out her daily morning cereal (dry, from a box) and milk, for real food, and has dropped 24 pounds in the last 7 weeks.
ER real food has totally changed lives. There are some 40 bodies in the Sep ER Fat Burn, each one already transforming itself in its own way. One lady says she does ER real food for two days, then goes off and eats industrial food for three, and now, she doesn't gain 3-4 lbs after that, like she used to before.


So what is ER real food and where do you get it? And no, we don't sell it...

Dr. Heidi is offering an ER personalized food plan for folks trying to get back their good looks, old energy and good health. She'll also tell you where to get it.

So, do any of these describe you?
  • Low energy, exhausted adrenals, cold hands or feet
  • Digestive or elimination troubles
  • Depressed, mood swings, brain fog
  • Pre-pregnant, pregnant and nursing moms
For you, Dr. Heidi is offering a 2- call tele-seminar and a customized ER real food plan - for your chosen situation, above.

In addition to the calls, you get your individual biochemical and metabolic profiles. That way you know what your profile is, and Dr. Heidi's ER real food plan can be best customized to you.

Two program options:

1. Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Personalized Naked Food Plan: $149

2. Dr. Heidi's Personalized Extreme Regime Food Plan w/4 bxsPops: $159.80

These include the custom calls for each group, the testing above, and Dr. Heidi's customized ER Real Food plan that you can implement pronto.

The initial private group call for the ER Personalized Food Plan is scheduled for Sept 27. Mini-group calls are planned for Oct 2, Oct 4 and Oct 5. You'll get an invite soon after you sign up.

Yes - this is only 1/3 of the cost of the ER programs. Why? To enable someone to afford it and at least get started on their ER real food regime. Don't we need to do what we can control, that we know is safe and effective, to have our brains working right during strange times like these? Now is not the time for junk food brain. Think?

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