Sunday, September 28, 2008

Can tomato sauce mess up your hormones?

How to buy tomato sauce.

If you get it in a can, it might indeed mess up your hormones. And that's not all...
Here's a TWO-minute audio from Dr. Heidi... shows you how buy your next tomato sauce...
Who'd have thunk it?

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Anonymous said...

Canned foods aren't ALL that can mess you up--consider the hidden soy in your meat. When ranchers and poultry producers feed their animals, they now include heavy amounts of soy to put on muscle and act as the protein, thanks to the recent surge in commodity prices, and normally-used grains now being unaffordable. Soy, like BPA, is a hormone disruptor, and this is bad news for diabetics, people with thyroid conditions, fertility issues, and of course, soy allergies.

My soy-allergic husband and diabetic cat have been challenges to feed lately, but I found meat sources that DON'T contain soy: Blackwing Meats ostrich, elk, and buffalo, and Weeping Radish meats.

I make my diabetic cat's food since she cannot eat off-the-shelf stuff, and REFUSES to eat prescription food--I have no other choice than to cook for her or put her down, so I cook. She likes the ostrich meat and Weeping Radish ground beef, and neither cancel out her insulin like soy-laden meats do.

Eggs are another source of hidden soy, and again, I found a local source that doesn't include soy in their feed: Flying $$ Farm.

Soy has both benefits and drawbacks, as one can tell, but the only benefits I see come when we run out of our own hormones, and need something to take their place. Soy is a non-carcinogenic source of estrogen for women past menopause, and it might make a good corn replacement for ethanol, but that's about it. As for being a cheap source of protein, the drawbacks aren't worth it for me.