Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I'm starving myself and STILL gaining!?!"

Here's from the first lecture Dr. Heidi gave the Sept ER Fat Burn group:
"You gain MORE weight after the starvation diet, why? Because when you go on a calorie-restriction diet, when you restrict your food lower than you should, your body becomes an efficient food storage machine, so you gain weight..

"And you gain more weight after your diet than you had before, and faster, and you're making more fat cells. Because - your body is trying to protect you from starvation. When you restrict calories too much, it thinks it had better start storing for you, for later. And it does. Pretty soon, you've killed your metabolism. "
That's why, "there is no starvation on the ER Fat Burn program. You eat different and real food, but always enough so you are satisfied."

P.S. One of the ER FB participants, Carol, reported she's lost 24 lbs. She's now in her second ER Fat Burn (she signed up for Sep ER Fat Burn a couple weeks ago, after graduating from the July ER FB program.)

P.P.S. October Detox starts October 25. Yes, Carol is in it. So's Wanda, Susan, Robin, Erin and others of the ER Fat Burn gang. Detox is another ER cycle; you need not have done ER Fat Burn to do the Detox program. There is a Detox discount for ER Fat Burn graduates. Ask.

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