Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warning: the tip

Here's the sequel to ER Theater movie #2, "I feel like crap". See here.

TURN on your AUDIO, ok?

Do you have IFS? The ER Theater mini movie here.... 3:42

To be continued...

Comments welcome...

Smaller, You Tube version below...finally!


Anonymous said...

I'm at work and watched it without volume. I LOVE it madly.


Robin Plan said...

Kim I love your little movies.

After being an auditor with Dr. Heidi's ER program I knew it was food making me feel like crap.

I'm still not a perfect eater - it takes time to change how you've eaten most of your life. I know how good I feel now, no more Alka Seltzer.. so I'm determined to eat right and teach my son what real food is. He is 10 yrs. old and tells his friends all about the foods we eat now and why. It's been a great way for him to get over his picky eater ways.

Thank you Kim and Dr. Heidi

Doris said...

I love it! It's just so adorable, and so true!


Nancy said...

The cartoons are great fun. Excellent way to make your point and build suspense. I know this is a nerdy question, but what are you using -- Flash? I'll stay tuned.

Carol Raynor said...

Great video (and music). You just keep getting better and better.

I can't wait to see the next one.

So who won your contest?

Dena Anderson said...

Hi Kim,

Your best video yet! Content is great, timing is perfect, the music makes a great contribution to the overall effect AND helps keep it light and non-judgmental (VERY important). I'm sending the link to my children, grandchildren and some friends.
Thanks for all your work.

Dena Anderson