Thursday, September 25, 2008

8 beers/day to 0 beers/day. After one week

"Sexual energy up. -one week.

"Hot flashes finally gone.
I can sleep through the night again
I'm off Diet Pepsi" - two weeks.

"No more gas and bloating
No more diarrhea
Depression gone." -two weeks.

"Energy for sports back up
Sexual desire back up
Belching almost gone" - two weeks
What are these people doing?

Not drugs. Not pills.
For some 40 people in the current ER (Extreme Regime) Fat Burn program, whose comments these are, it started with ONE change: Going back to real food. They all got on an ER real food program.
Want to see what an ER real food program can do for you?

Dr. Heidi is offering a special "ER real food plan" for you if you are one of these:
  • Low energy, exhausted adrenals, cold hands or feet
  • Digestive or elimination troubles
  • Depressed, mood swings, brain fog
  • Pre-pregnant, pregnant and nursing moms
Intro call tonight (Thursday) night.
5:30pm PT 6:30pm MT 7:30pm CT 8:30pm ET

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Real food is not as easy to define as you might think. And not as easily available, either. She'll tell you how different folks are foraging for real food and loving it(!)
Here's what you get with the ER Real Food Plan program:
1. Dr. Heidi Basic call with all participants: Sunday, Sep 28, 4:30PM ET. Learn ER food plan basics that apply to all.
2. Dr. Heidi Group call with participants in your group (above). Learn ER food plan addressing the special needs of that group (first week of October)
3. A downloadable PDF summarizing the special ER real food plan for your group. 
4. Your biochemical profile. Based on questionnaires you complete.
Choose one of two packages below. 10% discount coupon available until midnight, ET, tonight.

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