Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our ailments: Are they treating them backwards?

Hear Dr. Heidi below...

Usually, when a person has an ailment, e.g. fatigue, digestive problems, here's what they do to get relief, in this order.
FIRST. Drugs (pharmaceuticals). That's the speeding bullet...But because of side effects, or because some people's bodies cannot take the drugs, they go to 2...

SECOND. Nutraceuticals and synthetic supplements . Those can have good effects, although also with some side effects. Often the effects may not last.

THIRD. Medicinal herbs, whole food supplements.
LAST, if anyone thinks of it at all, is their food. What they put on their plates three or more times per day.

Here's Dr. Heidi's surprising finding with the ER Fat Burn participants. (They came to lose fat and inches, but most folks also had other little ailments, from digestive troubles to mood swings to zip energy and flakey skin.)
"When I begin people with a real food plan, there's really very little more I have to add. Sometimes I add whole food supplements, sometimes I add nutraceuticals and sometimes I say, 'Go to your doctor and get a prescription for bio-identical hormones or what-have-you'.

"But," she adds, "that's only after they've done a real food plan that is directed at their ailments."
The implication of this finding, if it holds up with other people (about 69 in ER Fat Burn so far) is quite stunning:
To address an ailment, try real food first. Everything else (1-3) second.
Could one, by trying real food first, save enough on 1-3 above, especially 1, for a new place in Hawaii or the Hamptons?

P.S. Do any of these describe you?
Low energy (exhausted adrenals), low libido...
Digestion and elimination troubles
Depression, brain fog, mood swings...
Pre-pregnant and pregnant women
That's who Dr. Heidi is looking for, to start the mini ER Food Plan next Sunday, October 5.

Dr. Heidi Audio: (1 min) Which eggs are poison and which are medicine?

Dr. Heidi Audio: (21 mins) ER Food Plan for your ailments?

Link to get into the ER Food Plan Program here. 10 per group (above) only.

Note: The weaker your genetics, the more you have to focus on what you put into your body, says Dr. Heidi.

4 comments: said...

What exactly is a nutraceutical?

I Googled it, but wanted your definition as well.

Seems there is a difference between nutraceuticals and whole food supplements. said...

Question #2. What exactly is weak genetics?

Some people live to be 100 years old or more. While some people get cancer or heart disease and die rather young.

Is this the reference to weak genetics?

Or is it also the feeling bad, no energy, mood swings, etc?

Kim Klaver said...

A nutraceutical is a supplement made from isolated nutrients like Vitamin C, CoQ10, Calcium.

Weak genetics refers to genes someone is born with, from their parents, that are weak. Like babies that are born diabetic or with a weak immune system.

They inherit that from their parents.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

Eat FOOD, what a concept! Yup, Dr Heidi is playing my song. But what sad state of affairs that this has to come as a great revelation.