Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"I feel like crap"

"I feel like crap". New video series.

A new episode scheduled for each Thursday...



YouTube smaller version below...


Mary Nolan said...

I loved it!! ... The music so somber when needed (this IS serious business.. the way we FEEL and what it is doing to us as individuals and as a country!) the animation, the little expressive eyes,, just everything and most of all the message.
Cant wait for Part 2!

Suzanne said...


How could you do that to us???!!! ;-)

Looking forward to the next episode.

Scamp said...

Awesome - and you had great fun putting it together!!!

Carol McC

Anita said...

Love it Kim! The perfect bite sized piece! Looking forward to the next one!

Anonymous said...

HI, Kim,

WHAT a MESSAGE! If little youtube cartoons could win a grammy or an academy awarad, this one would! Margie Lassmann

Oscar said...

Very catchy and engaging Kim - I can't wait to hear what Dr Heidi has to say next Thursday.

Does the software allow for a larger text font, for the somewhat visually challenged(lol)? I had to hit pause, to be able to read the final tip.


Glenn said...

Looks good to me! No kidding. I don't feel like crap but do like to learn and am looking forward to next Thursday anyway. That's your goal, yes?
All the best,

Robin Plan said...

Wow we have to wait a whole week? No fair...

Great video

Anonymous said...

Ya know, it's kinda uncomfortable on the edge of my chair...come ON, we haveta wait a WHOLE week, really now, that is totally WRONG!!

You rock Kim, thanks so much. But really, please, hurry up and give us the answer....


Kim Klaver said...

Thanks for all your very good and encouraging comments.

As to the wouldn't want me to give you some predictably boring response would you?

Like 'just change your entire life' or like whipping out some product from behind the curtain?

Takes a little futzing to create these - and the language is tricky - I'm going for NO extra verbiage...none of the usual self-indulgent clap trap and that is, well, HARD. Blather is easier, for sure.

But I figure I'll have something by THU to upload so calendar THU for the "I feel like crap" show.


pattipitch said...

What??? Listen to your body with exquisite kindness. If it says sleep, sleep, If it says eat, listen carefully and eat what it is asking for. If your body says dance, dance. If you listen carefully, and follow its advice your body doesn't have to yell at you and throw a tantrum. It will get its needs met and so will you.

Dean said...

The answer is:

You need to detoxify your body. Toxins build up in the body from what we eat and drink and from medication that we are prescribed. That junk needs to be flushed out of the body for it to stay healthy, energized and for it to be able to ward off illness and stress. Heavy metals and an inefficient (clogged) digestive track can rob you of energy and block the absorption of nutrients your body is craving. If you clean everything out and reset your system; your cravings will subside, energy will increase, and you’ll be better able to handle stress.

Carol Raynor said...

One Tip – What

Choose carefully what you put in your body. Don’t be fooled – all foods/fuel are not the same. Turn into a “detective” and search out the right fuel to keep the only machine you have running well for its lifetime. Since you have to spend time eating and spend money grocery shopping anyway, why not choose the right fuel for your money? High test only cost a few cents more. I’m off to find the right fuel – care to join me?

Maybe you could use a character that has a magnifying glass – like Sherlock Holms. And use the music from CSI – “We don’t get fooled again.” OR a character that is in a car (or is a car) with race track sound effects.

Robin Plan said...

Give your body real food free of toxins and artificial ingredients.
Real food is "old school" food like meats from grass-fed animals, eggs from pastured chickens, coconut oil, butter and organic foods.

Do a detox to rid your body of toxins that cause weight gain, stress, health issues, etc.

I guess you could detox first but if you still eat the Standard American diet and take synthetic supplements you will end up feeling the same crappy way. But if you learn how to eat right first a detox will do just that, get rid of the crap in your body.

I know I gave 2 tips – I feel they work together to work.


Patsy said...

A good safe, slow detox is needed. Get all the stored pesticides, drugs, contaminates, unatural goop out of the body/fat cells where it accumulates. Of course, must have good fats/protein to replace the bad! Also, good support so the detoxing person continues with the detox and doesn't freak out when physical symtoms of a good detox arise!

Lynn Gorfine and Rick Lelchuk, WMA said...


Fun attention getting video. You covered many of the whiny complaints. Not going to guess where you're headed with this, just have to wait till Thursday. However, we say, "You Are What You Eat!"

Lynn & Rick

Anonymous said...


Eliminate the processed foods, sugar, and sugar substitutes from your diet. REAL food is what your body is craving: grass-fed meats and eggs; whole, raw milk; real butter made from raw milk; coconut oil, cod liver oil, and more. Eliminate the “bad” carbs: the high-glycemic foods such as donuts, breads, cakes, cookies, pasta, rice, potatoes. All the supplements in the world cannot combat a poor diet laden with junk. Think of it this way: What would your great-grandmother have used? Would she have used an artificial sweetener? Never. Pam cooking spray? Doubt it. Go back to basics and get real.