Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Evil marketing?

Get this.

To take advantage of people's worry about the economy, here's what two big industrial food companies are offering. From the Wall St. Journal today (PDF here)

"Food Marketers Cook Up 'Value' Campaigns.
Soups and Cereals Stretch Meal Dollar but Make a Profit

"Food companies hope to capitalize on the slumping economy by steering consumers to cheaper, high-margin products.

"On Monday, Kellogg Co. is beginning a new advertising push for staple cereals such as Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies, while Campbell Soup Co. is about to launch a multimedia campaign to trumpet its condensed soups as a bargain buy. Kraft Foods Inc. has begun advertising its Kool-Aid powdered beverages on national radio for the first time in 11 years.

Campbell and cheese giant Kraft are also teaming up to promote meals of soup and grilled-cheese sandwiches. Kraft's Web site will add recipes for cheap sandwiches and suggest Campbell soups to pair them with.

On Nov. 2, newspapers nationwide will carry coupon inserts pitching Campbell soups and sandwiches made with Kraft Singles cheese as the "wallet-friendly meal your family will love." More here (PDF here)
The pitch? White bread, canned soup, processed cheese and of course, cold cereal.

The family may love it (some are addicted to it), but bodies are crumbling and getting fatter because of it.

White bread and cold cereal (Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, etc) promote blood sugar imbalances like diabetes and hypoglycemia. The carbohydrates in them are anti-nutrients. They rob the body of vitamins and minerals.

Canned soup is filled with toxic ingredients. Processed cheese is a dead milk product with the pesticides, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones that are in industrial milk. "Industrial milk" is pasteurized milk from feedlot dairy cows.

Selling cheap, empty and harmful food to a scared and uneducated populace is evil.

Your take?


Robin Plan said...

It's time to take back REAL food!

I'm disgusted by the (fake) food industry taking our money and not thinking twice about taking taking our health - they will stop at nothing to make a buck or millions!

This concerns me because many people think buying real food is too expensive so they fill their carts with empty cheap food and pay in the end with bad health and feeling like crap!


PaulsHealthBlog.com said...

My granddad and dad both died of cancer. I had a 32 year old friend who died of leukemia. I believe they all died in some part due to not eating the right way.

At the same time, I do not believe in any sort of food police, even though the FDA has failed miserably.

Simply educate consumers about good food verses bad food, and maybe even put labels on food products, like they do cigarettes, and let supply & demand economics decide whether these food companies stay in business.

Jade said...

Here is my idea, educate children what is real food and they in turn teach their parents! Imagine kids turning to mum and saying "well if it has bromide in it, I'm not eating it!"

Ok don't know how that will go over! LOL

I think if demand was higher the cost of real food would go down.

@Paul: I think warning labels are appropriate!

Dean said...

How about turning off cable so you have more money for better food, more time to be active, and less advertising promoting junk food.
The food industry is offering tasty food and more calories for your money. An interesting fact is eating a low calorie diet increases life span and even reduces some factors of aging.