Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vickie, Al, Kathleen and Linda tell a secret...

Some side benefits of Dr. Heidi's ER Fat Burn...
  • disappearing hot flashes
  • years of belching near gone in two weeks,
  • lost cravings for Diet Pepsi and carbs,
  • no more reliance on Motrin,
  • no more diarrhea,
  • more energy without stimulants...
  • more...
So turn on your audio...and listen in as four of the current ER Fat Burn class tell their mini stories in a private session. They are 2-3 weeks into this ER Fat Burn cycle. They all agreed, after some arm twisting, to let let you listen...

(Nobody is selling ER, nobody has a hidden agenda.)

Here are the folks you're hearing...L to R: Vicki, Al, Kathleen and Linda.

Listen HERE to these folks reporting in private session #3 of the ER Fat Burn session.(16:19)

Turn on your audio, OK?

P.S. The ER Mini starts October 5. See here.

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