Friday, October 10, 2008

5 things I learned from ER Fat Burn

It's nice to know when a way of eating works for you. But it's nicer still when that same strategy works for lots of others, too.

Dr. Heidi has just run two ER Fat Burn 5-week programs. I know everyone in it because all were customers and readers of my stuff (about 50 active participants and more auditors). Here's what I learned while taping the group calls and from the many emails I received.
1. The experienced dieters in the group report that losing weight by eating ER real food works better than calorie counting, starving or pills. WAY better. Plus they were never hungry.

2. Eating real foods has a big side benefit: it regenerates bodies and heals ailments that most people thought they'd have to just "live with" for the rest of their lives. From acid reflux to scaly skin.

3. Eating specific real foods helps people reduce cravings for sweets and bread. Suddenly they don't feel deprived and sad about not having it.

4. Most of the participants thought they were eating pretty well. But they were stunned at how rejuvenated they felt after a week or two of eating ER real food. And love to go foraging for it.

5. Half of the group of July ER Fat Burn actives signed up for the Sep Fat Burn, and nearly half are already signed up for the October Detox/Cleanse program. In a time of "recession" someone laying out $500-600 for such a program several times over 4 months is a statement of its effectiveness all by itself. Think? NO ONE is rich here.
Dr. Heidi's October Detox/Cleanse 4-week program starts Oct 25. It's the second major cycle in the ER Real Food Weigh Loss approach. ER Fat Burn is not a prerequisite. You can start with the Detox/Cleanse. You will be able to sign up for it soon.

What if these neat things happen to you when you put some real food into your body?

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