Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Will I be able to work?"

So asked a gent considering ER Detox here. He's in the construction business in (already) cold Canada, and does "fairly strenuous construction" each day. (And yes, he's coming.)

This was Dr. Heidi's response...

Will I be able to work?
"I will be giving a number of food options to cover participants' different levels of activity. In addition to eating more of the main cleansing foods, there are certain kinds of proteins and fats (which you need for high activity levels) that you could add to your plan while cleansing. I'm also planning to address options for colder weather.

"Many people cannot get away from work long enough to do a cleanse in the traditional way. Although I recommend getting away from work and social obligations to optimize your experience, it's better to cleanse while working than not to do it at all. The increasing levels of environmental and food toxicity today are too scary not to do it. Also, a more gradual cleanse is sometimes more pleasant because there may be fewer, if any, unpleasant detox reactions.

"Auditors are welcome to participate in the online discussion board, which I monitor closely. You could post questions on the board and get an answer from me, along with replies from other participants. Both actives and auditors are often the source of interesting and creative ideas to implement the strategies I present." - Dr. Heidi
ER Detox starts Sunday (!) Nov 2.
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You coming?

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