Monday, October 13, 2008

ER Fat Burn wasn't for me...

"I didn't need to lose weight. I audited the program because I wanted to make sure my ten-year-old son was eating right." -Robin.
"I was eating right, mostly plants, and no red meat, not too much fat and rarely ate sweets. (ok I thought I was eating right!)

"I did drink a lot of Alka Seltzer because my stomach was always upset. I was always bloated and couldn't get rid of the 10-year-old baby belly fat. I didn't have energy to play with my son or stay awake with my husband after our son went to sleep.

"I didn't sleep well, always woke up a few hours after falling asleep tossing and turning for hours. I didn't make a connection with how I felt and the food I ate.

"A little voice kept telling me the ER Fat Burn program wasn't for me because I don't like meat, I've never heard of kefir, can't drink milk, don't like fish or cod liver oil, and didn't know how to find or afford the foods on the ER list.

"It wasn't as hard to find the real food as I thought it would be. I've become a regular at the St. Paul Farmers Market. This is where I found pastured eggs, pastured chicken, and grass-fed beef.

"I found raw cheese, uncured bacon and ham, real butter from grass-fed cows, Himalayan salt, sprouted bread, Kombucha and many other ER foods from my local Mississippi Market co-op. It was fun foraging for these foods. I didn't have to eat things I didn't like – fish, yuck. ( I am using lemon Cod Liver oil and drinking non-homogenized whole milk)

"The best and most unexpected thing was how my 10-year-old has grasped what I've learned in the ER program and has changed the way he eats.

"He tells all his friends what we eat now and why. He's on his own mission to help get his friends off the chicken nuggets, fast food and even low-fat milk. He will only eat eggs and meat from pastured sources. He helped me make butter a while back and loves the whole milk (I admit I haven't found raw milk yet - but I will).

"It's priceless to know I'm teaching my son how food affects health. The timing was so perfect to involve him in the things I was learning from Dr. Heidi. The entire ER group has helped shape the future of my son, so Thank you all!

"Also, my family loves grass-fed beef, that's huge for my son and me, we've never been red meat eaters.

"I haven't used Alka Seltzer in 10 weeks, no more upset stomach, bloating and the baby belly fat is gone.

"I enjoy playing with my son (and husband) again. I have energy again.

"Most nights I sleep through the night. If I do wake it's not all the tossing and turning like before.

"Thank you Dr. Heidi for showing what real food is and helping my son get on the ER food plan. Maybe when he has his own family our Extreme Regime food will be normal...

"Can't wait for ER Detox to begin Oct 25.

Thanks everyone, Robin"
What's ER Food? See 3 min animation here.

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