Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Contest: Win ER Detox Spot ($535)

"I was cleaned out, calmed down and cleared up, and prepared to continue the process as a way of life." Donna Karan, designer, after her cleansing experience.
You have to move fast. We'll pick a winner from entries received here (use Comments below) by this Friday, October 31. Entries must be submitted by Friday, Oct 31, 6PM PT 9PM ET.

ER Detox starts Sunday, Nov 2.

Value: $535. See here

Here's the contest question.

In the 3 minute Er Detox video here, (either big screen or You Tube) you will see these two slides (bigger in movie):



The Contest.

It seems many things may be stored in your cells: toxins, food and drink cravings, emotional baggage and other 'bad memories'.

After a cleanse, one thing people come away with is a sense of lightness - not feeling as enslaved to those old cravings for foods (and even people) that they know aren't good for them. Weird, but it has happened to me each time also. Some cravings are almost like distant memories. Best: no feelings of remorse or deprivation.

QUESTION: If you were to win an active spot in Dr. Heidi's ER Detox, 1) which "old cell memories" as they relate to food cravings, would you want to reduce? And 2) What new memories would you wish installed in your cells instead?
Limit your response to 100 words or less, ok?

Use the Comment section below.

You do NOT need a password to comment on this blog. If you have no blogger or Google account, select an "identity" and put your name and email at the bottom of your entry so we can contact you in case you win the spot.

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Little Things Matter said...

My biggee has always been COFFEE and I know that caffeine isn't good for me. I don't really have an appetite for food persay and exist on coffee and cigarettes BOTH of which are NOT good. I would much prefer having an appetite that is good for me and therefore good for those around me. If this program can help me kick one (or even better both) habit(s), I sure hope I win.

Rich & Angie said...

Hmmm... let me see -- where to begin -- reduce:
- Sugar cravings
- “I must eat something after the kids go to bed” cravings
- “I want to eat something bad for me because I am upset or depressed” cravings

New memories:
- I crave fresh fruits and vegetables
- I feel satisfied after I eat – no matter what time it is
- I desire to exercise

I have had Addison’s Disease (adrenal insufficiency) for 20 years and take a number of drugs for it. I would LOVE to clean all that JUNK out of my system!


Ava, said...

I'm looking forward to the cleanse,
to remove the emotional baggage, the unhealthy food cravings and bad memories.
Ava Dean-El

Suzanne said...

Old memories I would love my cells to get rid of are sweet cravings and cravings for bread and pasta. The desire to eat when I am down or tired. I would love to have my cells know permanently what it is to eat the best foods for my body, those that fuel it and feed it well, and make it strong and energetic and whole again. I’d want my cells to crave the foods that make me feel like a teenager again (with better judgement, of course!) That’s my wish. ;-)

Candice said...

I would like to lose memories of cravings for ice cream, chocolate, caffeine, bread and pasta.
I would also like to lose memories of fatigue, irritability, negativity, stress, feeling old and feeling like I have no reserves left. Feelings of failure around healthy eating and maintaining good energy and good moods.

I would like some new memories of loving real food and loving life, because I always feel SOOOO good!
And some new memories of feeling like I don't want to miss a day of exercise.

Sarah said...

The "old cell memories" I'd like to say goodbye to would be raw chocolate chip cookie dough. Oh, I know, I know. We keep a little tub of it in the fridge and well, in my emotional moments (stress, tired, indecisive) I dig in. Another memory to rid my cells of is the carbonation in soda. There is just something about those little bubbles that have a draw.

New cell memories...I want my cells to crave raw whole foods and to connect those food experiences with a feeling of vitality.

yoomoocow said...

The last time I looked into the mirror and saw a stranger returning my stare, it occurred to me that I had forgotten myself. That person reflected in the mirror was not the translation of healthy behavior.

I have always known about the value of a good diet and lifestyle yet, in execution it was left forgotten. Now, after a half century later with the erosion of cells that have lost their memory along the way, I find myself searching for an anecdote to the slow poisoning that has filled my plate over the years.

I’m reminded of periods of vitality, energy, and a proactive nature that eludes me now. I long for the creativity that percolated to the surface every time I needed to convey a good idea. I miss the sharpness of my mind.

Every time I climb the stairs, I remember the agility that I enjoyed with each bouncing step. Gone is the lightness that I’d much rather experience as I lumber along.

I heard about Valerie Bertinelli’s book. It wasn’t the content as much as the title that fascinated me, “Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back.”

It’s very clear to me that some of the most dramatic changes in life can come from loss.

By losing those bad memories that fill my cells, I will be able to replace them with new ones that carry a renewed hope for a better future. I want to make new memories - to have a new beginning - to welcome a second chance. I look forward to an awakening.

I want to look in that mirror once again and finally see a new me.

Yoshi said...

I am looking forward to cleansing all the negative emotion.

Last year I lost about 10kg in 3 months with the different diet program and still keep if off!! I am quite happy with that, but I am just wondering how this detox program can change me in many ways, and I want to feel this change within me emotionally and physically.

Yoshi from Australia

Heather said...

I would LOVE to rid my cells of cravings for sweet and salty things. It seems that when I crave, and then eat, something sweet, I want to chase it with something salty. It's a vicious circle. I'd love my cells to crave healthy fruits and vegetables instead! I'd also love to rid my cells of the negative effects of daily stress brought on by my busy life with 3 kids a husband 2 girl scout troops and a growing home business! Having my cells crave healthy foods when I'm under stress or overwhelmed with my schedule, would be empowering!

SengaMali said...

Losing bad memories of over-eating the wrong foods to satisfy my constant cravings for empty calories would be an ultimate goal. That list is endless and …oh, so bad.

Gaining good memories of eating nourishing and healthy foods to eliminate cravings would be an awesome reward. That feeling is intense and …oh, so good.

Anonymous said...

I am at an age where I am experiencing different health problems (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, possible gall bladder/colon problems). I would very much like to learn to deal with these problems in a drug-free way. My cell memories need to be new and fresh so I can begin again. I want to learn the best food to fuel these changes in my body and I believe this program might just be a way to do this. And, of course, if I could get rid of the bad smoking and caffeine habits along the way, that would be a bonus!

Sylvia said...

After having completed a cleansing program in the past, I recall how great I felt and all the positive benefits. Total strangers came up to me and commented on my glowing skin. It's time to renew those feelings!!!

pattipitch said...

My body has memories of sad days and times that it protects itself from with extra weight. My body has too hard doing jobs that didn't belong to it. But life is different now and I know that my body needs to press the reset button and let go of old patterns to find ways of expressing all the happiness that exists in the life right now.

So I choose to let go of those old sad cell memories and instead fill my cells with the experience of health and vitality that is waiting for me underneath. I don't just have to act happy, I can be happy from the inside out. My happy present is already there, just waiting for me to take off the wrapping. Underneath is a die hard foodie that know how to eat well and live well.

Carol Raynor said...

I want 3 trillion happy cells. Instead of the happy nursery of joyful cells that once lived inside of me so long ago, my body is now a host of prison inmate cells rebelling against everything good. They have taken over and a cleaning must occur.

I want the bad cravings to leave. It is a struggle to stay away from bread, pasta, and cereal. Massive amounts of coffee and cigarettes need to go also.

I want every cell in my body to crave only whole foods and things that will bring my cells back to a happy peaceful place.

Robin Plan said...

This is very hard for me to write but I have to come out with it.

I have to find a way to change my cell memories with smoking. I'm a closet smoker. I know smoking is a loser thing to do and I've quit so many times over the years. My son is 10-yrs-old and I've never smoked around him, he doesn't know about my closet habit, it's actually the behind the kennel habit.

Please help me Dr. Heidi, I don't want my son to watch me die too soon because of this horrible habit! You have no idea how difficult writing this was for me!

I have quit again but the cravings are so strong I'm afraid I will cave again.


Eric Woll said...

As I look back on the past 20 years I realize that I have let go of some significant cell memories........nicotine, alcohol are among them, but the one has proven the hardest to let go of is caffeine.

The sharpness, the power, the sense of the lights being turned on again after a period of abstinence has created a major block to my letting it go.

I would like to instill the memory of steady, calm energy that comes from within and not from a drug.


Cindi Newcomb said...

I've heard before that cells "remember" things we don't want to. I know I hold those memories in my body from an abusive father but not in my conscious memory. As I look back at pictures of myself as a child I can't help but wonder if I put those layers of fat on to protect me from pain. My mother used to say she had no idea that fat cows milk would make me fat, but when she couldn't nurse that was all that was available. Did they sentence me to life in fat at only 6 weeks old? I look at the picture of me at 4 with fatty knees, double chin and a sad face.
I see me at field day in 4th grade trying to run and keep up and falling behind. In high school as a freshman I finished last in every running event. Vowing to never be last again, I ran wind sprints all summer long, alone, so that in September I could finish 3rd to last. It wasn't last and I was OK with that. I did excel as a softball player, where speed was less important than distance: I could hit the ball and I never needed to run fast.
I'm the fattest person at the health club I've been going to for a year. I walk 3-4 times a week, lift weights twice a week and yet undo everything when the mashed potatoes and gravy comes around. I sometimes find myself at culvers with a shake when I really didn't want one and then hate myself when I can't say no to it. I don't want to eat processed prepared portioned crud, I want to be able to listen to my body, eat what is enough and be satisfied. I don't want to be the biggest person in the room and I really don't want to be a biggest loser contestant and have to play that game. I really don't want to substitute one obsession for another like many who opt for gastric bypass and then just regain it anyway. I want to be an inspiration to the heavy family I've created, that we can change. I have a lot more life in me and i'd like to be around for years of healthy living.
Yes, changing my cells memory would change my life, there is no doubt about it. Inside my head is a fit, healthy athlete suffocating. I need her inside my body too.

Harry said...

I did a cleanse several years ago and had fantastic results - only consumed a liquid solution for 33 days, had intended to go only 10 days. Got rid of about 30 pounds, eliminated fungus, and other ncieties in the gut, red blood cells were healthier and blood was purer and cleaner loking at slides under a microscope. Bad cell memories of caffeine to spark the brain cells , sugar, starch and carbs and eating to fill a void all the time. I would to recreate those memories of lightness of foot, energy, giving off positive vibes, discipline when choosing foods to eat, with a plan towards health and enjoyment. I want cells to want to exercise again as a pleasurable experience and to sustain energy all day and to lift esteem again since I know how important food choices are and the emotional fullfilment of accomplishment and results.


I just got this email so hope i"m not too late.