Monday, October 13, 2008

A 30-year diabetic does ER Fat Burn...

This is a note from Al to Carol re her story here in the private Google Fat Burn group...
"Very inspiring Carol. Makes me want to add my own successes. In brief I followed the program quite closely except for the kefir.

"As a 30 year Type II diabetic (using insulin) my main goals were to lose weight and keep my blood sugars under 100. (Non-diabetics usually are between (70-110).

"These were very important to me and motivated me to start and commit to the program. When I had some immediate weight loss my commitment and motivation heightened. My results:
  • Have lost 8 lbs
  • Have an average blood sugar for the last 60 measurements of 86. In thirty years that low of an average has never happened...I have been on a low carb plan for many years but not a food plan like ER.
  • I used to have low energy problems but I'd been accepting that in exchange for moderate blood sugars. Once I added good fats and proteins on the ER Fat Burn plan I now have the energy, weight loss and normalized blood sugars.
"In fact last night I forgot to take my overnight insulin and wondered what my glucose level would be in the AM. Was I surprised: 105... which is close enough! That has never happened before.

"But additional benefits that I did not expect nor aim for initially have included more energy, a cessation of belching, and a reduction to almost nothing of periodic break outs of atopic dermatitis on my feet. The belching and skin breakouts are not uncommon to these were added and greatly motivating results.

"Now on to ER Detox. -Al Frech, Ph.D

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