Friday, October 17, 2008

Time for your Detox? Intro call w/Dr. Heidi here...

Click here to hear the intro call Dr. Heidi did the other evening. About 32 mins.

I've done Detox/Cleanse with Dr. Heidi for 14 years. Once or twice a year. The main fear I had was: Will I be hungry? What about my coffee?

What I experienced each year was: I was NEVER hungry and I never missed my vices. After the fast, I didn't give them up entirely. But I reduced them, with no stress. It just kind of happened.

The other thing I experienced each time each year: I felt like I was 16 inside again. Just an unbelievable feeling that lasted for several months after each cleanse.

Hope the same for you...Enjoy.

Most of this Detox class spots were snapped up by the ER Fat Burn Grads...See posts below for some of them. And what has already happened to their bodies and minds from the Fat Burn program.

So -- listen to the call and then see if you're ready for a total spring cleaning - inside your bod. What if you feel like you're 16 again?

You can be an active participant (see here), where you get personal coaching each week with Dr. Heidi, and weekly group calls, food lists, recipes, etc.

Or you can be an auditor (see here), where you get everything except the weekly private sessions with Dr. Heidi.

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