Thursday, October 30, 2008


Have you been considering trying those new fangled whole food daily multis, the Pops? The ones Dr. Heidi designed?

I'd really like you to try them, so I'm bribing you.
Normally, when you order a onesie-twosie Green or Purple - it's $45/box. Two for $90. Two is a two-month supply. (Cheaper in bulk.)
Well for you onesie-twosies, here's a bribe: Two for One and a Four for Two.
Order one, get two. Same price. USE THIS LINK TO GET TWO FOR ONE.

Order two (any combo), get four. Same price as two. USE THIS LINK TO GET FOUR FOR TWO.
If you click on both links, the order pages ads them up. To change that, on the right bottom side of the order page, click "clear cart" and it starts over.

[It takes you back to the regular order page, so you'll have to come back to THIS page after you click "clear cart" to get the two-for-one. Just click on the one you want and it'll be smooth sailing.
The bribe is good for onesie-twosies from Thursday, October 30, through Sunday, November 2, 6PM PT 9PM ET. For this bribe, only the links above will work.
So will you please try the Pops now? What if your body loves them madly like mine does? Louise says the Greens helped her stop drinking (see right rail - Pops testers).

You might become a regular subscriber, like me. And if so, we have something really really cool for you. Hehehe.

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Sarah said...

This bribe works for me. Thanks Kim!