Friday, October 24, 2008

I dreamed I got a new me.

On Nov 2, I'm starting my favorite annual regeneration experience.
Lulu is 45 this year, and she's coming too. She's longing to be young again. Maybe start some things over. Keep the experience she has now, but with the looks and energy she had at 25.
Each year for 12 years, I've been doing this to get that new me feeling again. All radiant and re-energized, with a carefree attitude about life and where it might take me. I have never once been disappointed.
I must admit though, that I always go in with a bit of trepidation. I think about that last cup of coffee, that last crunchy thing, and I secretly make note of where to get those things in case...Even stash some.
And then the program starts. And suddenly all the cravings evaporate. I don't know where they go. It is so weird. But for 12 years that's what happened...And when it's done I feel like I've been reborn

So I'm doing it again November 2.

17 folks are doing the new me program with me. Dr. Heidi says she can take four more.
16 of the 17 folks in this special regeneration program are graduates of Dr. Heidi's previous 6-week ER Fat Burn program. They love how Dr. Heidi makes them look and feel.
And you don't leave home. We have cool ways to stick together like a family - a weird one, yes.
Do you want to join us?
This will be my 12th year doing the Detox/Cleanse with Dr. Heidi and Vicki. They're the queens of rebuilding a body from the inside out, no matter what you have done to it. If you have been really really bad, please email Dr. Heidi before signing up. Use contact form on left there.
Do you want a new you too? Like me (again)?
Here's the delicious program description.

Click here to hear the intro call Dr. Heidi did the other evening. About 32 mins.

Click here to see animation: The Detox Movie: Will I be hungry? 3:32

P.S. What if Dr. Heidi's cleanse improves your life bar?

This message is going to thousands of my readers. 4 spots left.


Carol Raynor said...

I am so excited about doing this program. I've lost 28 pounds in the ER Fat burn. I can't wait to see what happens at the end of this Detox. Kim promised it would be an experience. Wanna join us? This is going to be fun.

Mary Nolan said...

I am so excited about getting " a new me".
Because I need one!
And this is a perfect time going into winter here in KS and feeling sluggish and heavy and gaining a couple of pounds already.
If my great experience with the Green and the Purple Pops(see side bar)are ANY indication for what is in store... it's gonna be a wild ride and FUN I feel!
Thanks Dr. Heidi and Kim... as always.