Monday, October 6, 2008

Will some new friends help you with your weight loss resolution?

ER Detox starts October 25. You in it?

Resolutions are hard to keep.

Say you want to give up drinking. For many people, nothing works until AA. Why? Because in joining a like minded group of folks, you are not alone on your path anymore.

Say you want to lose weight. Clean out your body and start over. How many times have you tried that? Sometimes it's the program that's no good. Calorie counting for example, is a notorious failure for most people. (Taubes)

But sometimes, the program is on target, but it still "doesn't work" for you.
Here's a secret: a new friendship with someone else who's on the same path is often the difference between success and failure.
Would you like to be part of Dr. Heidi's October 25 ER Detox program?

A very exclusive little club. Already over half of the spots are taken by graduates of the ER Fat Burn program. You can hear some of their stories here.
October ER Detox/Cleanse is a four week program, designed to clean you out so you can start over, from the inside out.

The ER Detox/Cleanse is the second cycle in Dr. Heidi's Extreme Regime Weight Loss program. You alternate between Far Burn and Detox to achieve healthy weight loss.
I have done Dr. Heidi's cleanses once or twice a year for 12 years. Besides making new cool friends who are on the same path, here's something else fun: The Detox program helps get rid of false fat.
False fat is due to toxicity and food sensitivities you may not be aware of...
Toxicity in your bod causes digestive problems, elimination problems and fat. Yikes.

That's what the October Detox is designed to overcome. You'll be making new friendships with others - who are also on the path to getting their looks and health back again.

You want to come?

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Carol Raynor said...

I met such great people in the ER Fat Burn. What a cool support group. ER Detox is going to be wonderful especially since some of "my new friends" are coming too. We're all in this together. Come on in - the water's fine.