Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three Secrets that Most People Will Never Know about Dieting

Most experienced dieters are flabbergasted when they hear these well kept secrets - unexpected things that hinder weight loss no matter how hard you try.

These are from a forthcoming book by my very dear friend, Dr. Heidi Dulay.
  • Secret #1. Industrial burgers are fattening. Grassfed ones are slimming. (Both with no bun, of course.) Yes, a low carb diet works quickest for fat burn and weight loss, for most people. However, the wrong kinds of meats hinder weight loss in the long run. Industrial burgers have too much of the wrong kind of fat, and up to 5 times more total fat than grassfed ones. They contain antibiotics, hormones, and even harmful bacteria that upset our metabolism. While grassfed ones have lots of the good fats (omega 3s) and a ton of health giving vitamins and minerals.
  • Secret #2. A balanced diet keeps you fat. If you thought a balanced diet seems like the best way to lose weight you're not alone. 160 of the 225 folks taking our survey last week - 72% - said TRUE to question 9: Eat a balanced diet to lose. But it is not so. See here.
  • Secret #3. Fruits, veggies and grains may block the weight loss trigger. Granted fruits are better than eating sweets like ice cream and cakes. Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals. But they're not necessary for weight loss. They block the fat burning mechanism for most folks. But that's not all...See half way down here.
These are just some of the findings in the new book being written by Dr. Heidi - a nutrition professor at a university in Berkeley CA, and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) from Harvard University.
Her live fat burn programs are based on not only 150 years of research findings (like Gary Taubes' 600 page book), but her own years of experimenting and tinkering with programs for her active weight loss clientele. Finally last year she put some of the missing pieces together, and I urged her to offer her new Extreme Regime Fat Burn program to my readers.
Since last July, some 60+ folks - mostly professional yo-yo dieters - went through the program. Because it was so successful and so different, her ER Fat Burn Formula has built up a major buzz in an industry known for its failure.

Not only did folks lose significant weight, but many of their aging symptoms disappeared. Including chronic diarrhea, acid reflux, high blood pressure (no more need for medication for some), insomnia, hot flashes, and sexual decline.
Look around. How come most folks are still overweight if the current diet programs and recommendations are so great? If almost no one can do them, what good are they? How about doing something you CAN do?
If you don't do this, how much will you weigh in a year? Or two or three years? Dr. Heidi's next Fat Burn cycle starts this SATURDAY. There is still time to start working on that new bod.
What is more important than your looks, your health and your energy?
You owe it to yourself and to those who love you to do something. Check it out right here. We're waiting for ya.

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