Wednesday, November 11, 2009

‘Stop taking painkillers if you want to breed vultures’

For thousands of years in parts of India, they've used a funeral system that relies on the sun and carrion birds to dispose of dead bodies. See here.

These ferocious birds, a kind of vulture living there for thousands of years, have almost all been poisoned of late - by the pain killer drugs found in the bodies of the dead.
"The nation-wide decline of vultures has been linked to diclofenac - a drug used in a variety of medicines including painkillers - that causes kidney failure in birds."
If the painkiller drugs in our bodies cause fatal liver failure in these big birds - animals that have been recycling dead bodies for centuries - think of what those pain killers are likely doing to YOUR body.

Life forces were created to dispose of and transform living things now dead (including our dead bodies). You know, to make room, recycle, and clean up the place for the new.
But now those clean-up crews are being fatally poisoned by our own (dead) bodies. How can the living things of earth create new, healthy life?
Are today's pain killer drugs really worth all that?


Margie Clarke, RN said...

Unfortunately yes I do believe it. I am not surprised anymore. As a nurse I'd say that a very high percentage of Americans are taking pharmaceuticals, especially pain killers. Add that to the crappy food and what do you get? Disease and death. Good for depopulation and profits. Thanks for sharing. I'll pass it on.


Ien in the Kootenays said...

Creation/Evolution provides plants like Cannabis and Poppy to kill our pain, but the insane politics prevent their use. I am not surprised by this item, though deeply saddened. Thanks for digging it up.

Anonymous said...

And when I suggested years ago that eating meat from animals fed hormones to make them fat faster could be making us fat too, I was laughed at.

How about this: After we take those pills with water and then "recycle" it, the water ends up back in the tap ready for us to drink again, complete with all those other pills people took besides painkillers.
Every day our lack of common sense about the food chain seems to surprise us.

Anonymous said...

My father is on 10 different kinds of medication all thought to help stave off certain abnormalities such as cancer, high blood pressure...etc. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that a doctor could possibly surmise what one medication will do when mixed with another, much less 9 different ones. I would have to say the human race is need of an awakening and fast. It is mostly political and money oriented. So perhaps the best way to create a better place is starting with ourselves. One individual at a time....hopefully then our education can be passed down through our children and so on. You can't change a nation by forcing facts and info down peoples throats but you can change a life one day at a time starting with yourself. Stay natural to stay healthy. If nature didn't make it stay away from it.