Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ten Fattest Countries

When habits are hazards...

1) American Samoa, 93.5 percent (of population that's overweight)
2) Kiribati, 81.5 percent
3) USA, 66.7 percent
4) Germany, 66.5 percent
5) Egypt, 66 percent
6) Bosnia-Herzegovina, 62.9 percent
7) New Zealand, 62.7 percent
8) Israel, 61.9 percent
9) Croatia, 61.4 percent
10) United Kingdom, 61 percent (From Global Post.)
100% grass-fed beef or Spam?

What's with the fattening of America? Aren't we a mentally advanced country with lots of entrepreneurs, creativity and ingenuity? We used to be, anyway. But now, people are fat and tired and mad most of the time.
The culprit? What we eat. Real foods have been almost 100% replaced by highly processed and refined food-like substances over the last 20 years. Think 100% grass-fed beef versus Spam. Or pastured chicken versus Chicken McNuggets (56% corn plus butane.)
Here's why that's making you fat:
People are hungry all the time after eating nutritionless sweets, pastas, cereals, fake meats and most dressings and dips. Worse still, concoctions that masquerade for what they are - e.g. powdered eggs or fake guacamole - contain many anti-nutrients, so the body has to work to expel them before it can use what's left. And you know what's left, right? Yep - usually just the calories.
Our eating habits are hazards. To us and to our children, who are being born with our weaknesses.
What will become of the America that used to be brimming with energized, creative people who create value out of thin air? Already many of us are too fat and too tired to do anything except surf the net, watch TV or hang out at Starbucks, taking in more sugar and sweets to relieve the pain of it all.
We're witnessing a lost generation - people hooked on sugar (like high fructose corn syrup) and cheap. For them it may be too late. So here's the challenge for America's future:
How do we make UNCOOL - at least for the children and teenagers - the eating of all highly processed and sugary foods?
If we fail at that, we risk the USA itself becoming a developing country. How can fat, tired and mad people be number one in the world?


Ien in the Kootenays said...

Brilliant Kim. I agree with every word you are saying. The ignorance out there, and the unnecessary suffering, drives me nuts.
America is about to lose its status as number 1 nation anyhow,for many reasons. But the food factor is definitely one.

Grok said...

Junk food is going to have to become the cigarette.

We have a good movement started. Hopefully it will continue to grow and big business will follow the money.

Michele Curtin said...

Today I witnessed a mom and her two young children at the Target cafeteria soda fountain. The 4 year old was asking to be reminded of which one was better, Pepsi or Diet Pepsi? My 9 year old says to me, "Mom, don't they know they're both bad for them?" I told him unfortunately there are a lot of parents out there who have no idea and don't care to find out. It's very sad...

I was encouraged that my son does know better though...he was not eager to join this journey of wellness and leave his McNuggets behind. I am glad to see he's coming around! Perhaps because he enjoys not being sick?

Keep up the good work, Nutrition Warriors! We can make a difference!