Monday, September 13, 2010

Swimming in chlorinated pools can lead to cancer

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Swimming in chlorinated pools can cause an increased risk of cancer in bathers, Spanish researchers said on Monday.

"The evidence of genotoxic effects were observed in 49 healthy adults after swimming for 40 minutes in a chlorinated indoor pool," CREAL said in a statement on Monday.
Do they want to stop people from swimming? Well, no, they say.
"The positive health impacts of swimming can be increased by reducing the levels of these (toxic) chemicals," he said.
And just who is going to reduce the levels of these toxic chemicals from the swimming pools across America? They haven't done it for the daily food and drink for the American public...
Each day, several times a day, we consume toxic chemicals in everything we eat, from fruits and veggies (pesticides), grains and beans. All industrial meats and eggs have big concentration of these pesticides. To top things off, the big industrial feed lot owners feed the poor animals genetically modified corn and soy (!!!!) and give them impure chlorine laced tap water. All because it's cheaper and gives them bigger profits.
Profits to the few, yes. But at the expense of every single American adult and child who trustingly eats what they're offered in the giant supermarket aisles to restaurants and fast food.

Suddenly one day out of the blue, we get that wake-up call. And our life drastically changes. Along with those of everyone around us as we cope...

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