Sunday, October 10, 2010

You're eating chicken smash...

"I have no time." Will that attitude come back to haunt you in 10 years?

Next time you eat fast food chicken or buy processed chicken in the store, know this is what you're eating...See here.

Can you ever put processed chicken in your mouth, sober, again? Much less watch as your children put it into their mouths?

Any wonder everyone is fatafat, sick, tired and hungry all the time? To say nothing of cranky?

Correction to some facts below.

P.S. As reader Jackie A pointed out to me today, the original article has some factual errors. She's QA Manager for a major poultry company, and writes, "Here all internal organs are removed, the birds then goes through a clean and chill process. Chickens will NOT go to the MSC machine with heads and guts." Thanks, Jackie.

We can (and I do) buy bones separately for the marrow at the farmer's market each week. In my house we make bone broths every week, including chicken, beef, goat and pork. Wonderful stuff.

Says Jason Kottke, who turned me on to this story,

1. That stuff might not even be chicken. But even if it is:

2. The entire chicken is not ground up to make that paste; the bones and such are removed.

3. The meat is not "soaked" in ammonia. Ammonia is not an approved food additive. (However, a South Dakota processing plant had been injecting ammonia into their hamburger "meat" with USDA approval, but that approval has since been withdrawn.)

I wish the person who wrote the original entry would correct it because I'm tired of seeing it popping up everywhere. The truth is strange enough without having to say that chicken nuggets contain eyeballs, bones, and large quantities of ammonia."

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Robin said...

I don't eat this or feed it to my family.

I'm not sure how much of the brief article you link to is true.

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